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Floral & Event Designer Teddy Manuel Meets Globally-Celebrated Event Designer Preston Bailey

Well-known as one of the leading event stylists in the Philippines (even beyond!), Teddy Manuel has spent years building an empire and establishing his brand Flowers & Events by Teddy Manuel. To say he's successful would be an understatement. But he’s not quite done yet in terms of improving in his craft—recently, Teddy traveled to New York City to attend Preston Bailey’s #PBProtege workshop to add a few new skills in his tool belt.


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Preston Bailey, known throughout the world as a top stylist, has also made his mark as an author and public speaker. Students with varying levels of skills and experiences come from all over the globe to attend Preston’s workshops, where he teaches everything from ceiling installations to grandiose table settings.


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Some may think that, for someone as accomplished as Teddy Manuel, there’s no need for additional training, but according to Teddy, “For me the best investment we can give ourselves is education... for self-advancement while traveling at the same time, most of all to meet new friends all over the world to network and share the same passion.”

Teddy is certainly no stranger to traveling, as he has been everywhere from Dubai to Europe with his best friends and fellow movers and shakers in the event styling world, Gideon Hermosa and Michael Ruiz. It’s refreshing to see these industry players band together and be one another’s keen supporters and confidants.


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When it comes to Teddy’s distinct aesthetic and fine techniques that have paved the way for his career, Teddy sheds light on his philosophy of life-long learning, saying, “You may know some of techniques, but there are still room for improvements. Preston Bailey is the mothership or event styling, and one thing I learned from him from the class was how to reinvent your style to become a trend setter not only in aesthetics but also become business-savvy.” Business seems to always be booming for Teddy, so with these newfound skills and knowledge learned from Preston Bailey, Teddy’s business acumen will surely be sharper than ever.

Teddy also says that he feels inspired to share new mechanics and approaches to styling with other stylists in the Philippines. As a Masterclass instructor himself, Teddy admits he’s gathered new concepts on how he will improve his own classes. He says, “For me, it’s time to give back to our fellow Filipino stylists to uplift the event styling industry.” Up, up, and away Teddy, and the Philippines looks forward to seeing your new designs!


Photographs courtesy of Teddy Manuel