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The Boyfriends Of Instagram: Why The Man Behind Your Money Shot Deserves Some Love

You never see them: all you see is the girl in the one-piece under a beach umbrella playfully balancing a fedora on her head, or doing a yoga pose by the beach at sundown. The picture follows the perfect rule of threes: sand, ocean, and sky. The setting? Perfect. A souk in Marrakech or a beach in Cebu. The outfit? A blue jumpsuit in Santorini or a white asymmetrical dress in the middle of a desert (because, hello, white always looks good with a tan).

She’s almost always posing for a cover shoot but we’re not talking about @vanityfair here, or @voguemagazine, or @metrosocietyph. We’re talking about a thousand followers on Instagram. She’ll post a status with a coy one-liner: #ootd. But the question is, who’s taking a picture of the outfit of the day?



Just your casual, nothing going on here, photo at the beach #boyfriendsofinstagram

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#boyfriendsofinstagram @dthomas_39 @hayleyrobbo

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And let’s not forget the close-ups while we dish about lush panoramic sweeps. There’s the one in the bathtub where she’s reading a book, or the one where she’s sipping a mojito at a posh resort. Or wearing a mustard pea coat while she poses among autumn leaves on Nami Island.



When the ground matches Philly’s Hair #PinkLake #boyfriendsofinstagram

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I mean, really, where would any girl be without her IG boyfriend—the lugger of expensive equipment, composer of the perfect shot, the unacknowledged hashtag on IG? You can see them teetering on a cliff, on a windowsill, climbing on a rock, or scrambling on hot sand— just to render their girlfriend perfect on social media. They’re nowhere in the shot of course—they’re just too busy taking it. And they’ll get to live another day if they can shoot a photo op like a pro—after all, which girl can take an ugly angle, or messy hair, or an average view?

Ever wonder what an IG boyfriend’s #ootd is? Probably a variation on the white shirt, lounge shorts and red cap; maybe pajamas—those always look good with a Fujifilm X20 or an iphone X. If you think devotion is going to mass every first Friday or saying novenas to Saint Jude, think again. There’s no devotion quite like the devotion of an IG boyfriend. And not everyone’s built for the job—there are grumblers and amateurs out there, and they’ll quickly fall by the wayside— anyone who doesn’t is a keeper. Remember that just as girls grow into women and boys grow into men, the longtime IG boyfriend might just grow into the IG husband.


Cover photo by Kristine Sta. Rita