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The Cake, The Invitations, The Party, And More! All The Latest Updates On The Royal Wedding Of The Year

Only 56 days remain before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day!



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Everyone is excited about the royal wedding described to be "refreshingly modern" with royal watchers from all over the world—including us—anticipating how unconventional royals Prince Harry and Meghan will inject their personalities with the grand affair.


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Four months into their engagement, the royal couple is slowly but surely ironing out the details of their wedding day with the help of experts, family, and friends. After confirming their wedding's venue and date, they're now taking care of the ceremony's more personalized details—all the little things that make an occasion as special and as memorable as can be.

To help you keep up with all of Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding details, check out the latest updates we've gathered here:



The Cake



Traditionally, British royals pick a fruit cake as the sweet ending to an even sweeter day. Princess Diana had one in her wedding, and so did Prince William when he married Kate in 2011, but not this time!

Prince Harry and Meghan have decided on something totally different: a lightly flavored lemon elderflower cake topped with buttercream frosting and decorated with fresh, edible spring flowers in season. It's definitely unusual, but it sure sounds delicious!


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The cake will be made by London's Claire Ptak who owns Violet Bakery. The famed pastry chef was elated at being chosen to create the occasion's cake, as she shares Meghan's approach to food: seasonal, organic, made from sustainable ingredients, and overall good-for-you!



The Reception



Yes, even royals like to party after weddings! The event might not be as rambunctious as what we're used to, but a fun party it certainly still will be. It gets even more exciting as Meghan and her prince will not only have one, but two receptions.


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Being at the forefront of the British monarchy, the couple's first wedding party will be elegant and sophisticated. It'll be held in none other than the stately St. George’s Hall that's witnessed countless royal occasions for centuries and holds special historical significance to current members of the royal family. Guests from the church service are invited to join Prince Harry and Meghan here as they make one of their first appearances as husband and wife (and, fingers crossed, have their official first dance, too!).

The second party, on the other hand, will be more intimate and will be staged at Frogmore House, where they shot their official engagement photos. Prince Charles will be hosting this function for his son and new daughter-in-law, and only a carefully selected group of 200 people are expected to arrive. 



The Invitations




The invitations are nothing short of beautiful.

Created by London-based bespoke printing house Barnard and Westwood, the invitations are the personification of the couple: American ink was printed on English card to symbolize the Prince and Meghan's union, and is detailed with touches of gold and the Prince of Wales' royal three-feathered badge.

The printing house has been making customized items for the royal family since 1985. This time around, artisan Lottie Small printed all the invitations (about 800 of them) in a process known as die stamping and used a machine from the 1930s to achieve the delicate design.



The Wedding Ring



The couple's wedding rings will not pale in comparison to Meghan's engagement ring, which is an exquisite piece created with a Botswana diamond framed by two more diamonds from a brooch owned by Princess Diana, Harry's mother.


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Their wedding bands will be made from rare Welsh gold—a tradition started by Prince Harry's great-grandmother almost a hundred years ago in 1923. The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and Kate Middleton have all worn rings made of gold from Welsh mines.

Interestingly, while it's expected that Meghan will be wearing her unique wedding ring, Prince Harry has the option of not wearing his.



The Procession



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Just like other royal wedded couples before them, Prince Harry and Meghan will be going on a brief carriage tour to greet well-wishers after the ceremony.

They'll come from St. George's Chapel, go around the scenic Windsor Town, then return to Windsor Castle, and they'll be waving and smiling at all the people in their guest list the whole time.



The Guest List



Speaking of their guest list, Prince Harry and Meghan have once again made a statement of inclusivity in the way they allocated the coveted spots on their wedding's guest openings for members of the public.

They've invited 2,640 to partake in the joy of their special day, many of whom are ordinary British citizens, staff of royal palaces and estates, students, and members of charities the couple supports.


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More updates are expected to be released in the coming days, and we hope to learn more about the wedding's official entertainment (the Spice Girls, please!), the entourage, A-list guests, who will walk Meghan down the aisle, and of course, the wedding dress.

Stay tuned and we promise to deliver all the updates once they're out!


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