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Golden Girls: These Pinay Athletes Gave The Philippines All 4 Of Its Gold Medals At The 2018 Asian Games!

The next time someone says you play, fight, walk, or talk like a girl, say thank you because these Pinay athletes make it an honor to do so!



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Hidilyn Diaz, Margielyn Didal, and teammates Yuka Saso, Bianca Pagdanganan and Lois Kaye Go are the athletic assets giving Filipinos—especially Pinays!—reason to celebrate as of late. This group of female athletes who represented the country at the Indonesia-hosted 2018 Asian games bagged top prizes, officially ending the competition with four gold medals. 

Their victories earned much admiration from sports enthusiasts and everyday Filipinos alike given the circumstances of their wins; only the women brought home the gold this time around, and overall, accounted for 70 to 75 percent of all medals won at the event, according to Philippine Olympic Committee president Ricky Vargas. 

The Philippines finished 19th out of 46 nations with a grand total of 21 medals with four gold, two silver, and 15 bronze medals, respectively. 



Let’s go!!!!! ???????? #AsianGames2018 #LabanPilipinas

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The Zamboanga-born 27-year-old Hidilyn Diaz got the ball rolling when she won the first gold medal for the Philippines. The weightlifter dominated the women's 53-kilogram event, topping her achievement at the 2016 Rio Olympics when she won silver.

Her achievement has affirmed her desire to help girls in the Philippines interested in weightlifting to pursue their dreams in sports, while also earning her a promotion to the rank of Sergeant in the Philippine Air Force. 



Be comfortable with who you are. #BuenasDiaz #OlympicRing ?? @annepascual25

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Following her footsteps was the teenage Filipino-Japanese Yuka Saso whose individual effort at golf nabbed her the top spot and whose skill won her a second gold in the sport's team edition alongside her teammates Bianca Pagdanganan and Lois Kaye Go. 

Though young, Yuka and her teammates have been competing since they were children in international and local competitions, slowly but surely putting Philippine female golfers on the map of this competitive sport. 



Still in shock with the results earlier this week... Words can’t describe how blessed, grateful, and honored I felt when the Philippine flag was being raised during the awarding ceremony and to sing the Lupang Hinirang with my teammates by my side. What a dream come true to have been part of a team that won a Gold Medal for the Philippines at the 2018 Asian Games ?????? A huge congratulations also to my awesome teammates, Yuka and Bianca, for winning the Individual Gold and Bronze Medals, respectively!! ???? It’s always an honor and blessing to represent the Philippines but this experience was a truly special one ?? I’ll never forget all the memories that I’ve shared with both men’s and women’s teams as well as the coaches over the summer. I’m sad that it had to end, but I’m glad it ended on a good note. A huge shoutout to NGAP, Mr. Martin Lorenzo, Coach Rick Gibson, Tito Bones, and the PSC for believing in all of us and for all the support that you’ve all given to the Golf teams. So thankful for my family, friends, and NGAP officials who came out to watch us play and cheer us on in Pondok Indah!! A huge thank you also to all the Filipinos and everyone else who cheered for us back home and prayed for our success at these Games ?? Super grateful for all the support and love that we’ve received and felt from the warm homecoming as well as all the congratulatory messages from each and every one of you ?? I appreciate every single one of them and I just want to say... To my family, friends, and all Filipinos, thank you so so much!!! ???? A huge congratulations to all the Filipino athletes who competed at the Asian Games as you all brought pride to our country! Laban Pilipinas!!! ???????????? #ParaSaBayan #Puso

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Last but not certainly not least is Cebuana Margielyn Didal who wowed the audience with her street skateboarding skills. Her win, while an achievement for the Philippines, is also a milestone for the Asian Games as a whole as she is the first gold medalist in the history of women’s skateboarding in the competition.

This is Margielyn's second biggest achievement in her professional skateboarding career after becoming the first-ever Filipino skater to be invited to the 2018 X Games held in the US. 



Team Philippines ???? for Asian Games 2018 SB ?? coach @dcatbautista

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Collectively, this group of fiercely strong, disciplined, and inspiring group of women have redefined what it means to have "girl power." In a time when conventional notions of femininity and womanhood are being challenged, Hidilyn, Yuka, Bianca, Lois, and Margielyn are paving the way for other girls to break free from gender-related limitations and expectations, proving to them that they can shine in any discipline they set their heart on. 

Congratulations to these ladies!


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