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A Look Inside The "Opulence" Halloween Party—Plus All The Winning Costumes!

Here's a look at what went on inside the Tent at Solaire during the most opulent Halloween party of the year, Mond Gutierrez's "Opulence: Let Them Eat Cake"

The "Opulence: Let Them Eat Cake" Halloween party organized by Mond Gutierrez, event specialist Ash Rye, and event organizer La Belle Fête may now be over, but people still can't stop talking about it. A quick scroll on Instagram and a click on its hashtag (#Opulence19) will reveal how epic the night was. Mond perfectly summed up how the party's guests and those who stayed up all night stalking them on social media are all probably feeling right now: "Guys I’m having content anxiety. So many photos. So much fun. So many people to thank. Such a magical night."

Indeed, there's so much content created from one evening, and Metro and Metro.Style documented it from the beginning till the end: from the arrival of the guests, the best-dressed women and the best-dressed men, the couples who attended, the sexiest and showstopping looks of the evening, to the cage skirt trend that night

Here's An Exclusive Access To The Most Opulent Halloween Party Of The Year


Here's An Exclusive Access To The Most Opulent Halloween Party Of The Year

If you thought the event was impressive based on the photos from when the guests were making their way into the actual venue, then prepare to be in awe, because what was prepared inside was nothing short of spectacularit absolutely lived up to its name, as it was opulent in all angles.

Ten event stylists (Amante Fleurs, Badang Rueda, Blooms 2710, Dave Sandoval, Gary Dacanay, Gideon Hermosa, Michael Ruiz, Teddy Manuel, Moss Manila Design House, and Randy Lazaro) joined forces to transform The Tent at Solaire and transport the guests into a magical place they will remember forever. 

Check out the gallery below for photos of the venue:

For some guests, the night was extra unforgettable as they stepped up on that gorgeous plush pink stage to be recognized for their opulent outfits. The winners were:

The Loudest Entrance Award (courtesy of Bang and Olufsen): Liz Uy

Most Audacious Award (courtesy of NARS): KC del Rosario

Most Lit Award (courtesy of Carroll and Chan): Charmaine Palermo

Best Hair Award (courtesy of Blo Bar): Nicole Andersson

Sweetest Lewk of the Night (courtesy of Goldilocks): Janine Gutierrez

"Who Is He Even" Award (courtesy of Aivee Clinic): Richard Gutierrez (received by Sarah Lahbati)

"Who Is She Even" Award (courtesy of Aivee Clinic): Bubbles Paraiso

Time Traveler's Award (courtesy of Tumi): Ruffa Gutierrez

Couple of the Night (courtesy of Solaire): Rajo Laurel and Nix Alañon

Queen of the Night (Metro's Best-Dressed Woman): Boom Sason


King of the Night (Metro's Best-Dressed Man): Mark Bumgarner

Most Opulent Award (courtesy of Versace): Georgina Wilson 

The One Who Stole The Show (courtesy of Frontrow): Isabelle Daza

Check out the gallery below for more scenes inside the most opulent Halloween party of the year:

Photographs by Daniel Soriano, with additional photos by Geolette Esguerra