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Meghan Markle Could Pay Tribute To Princess Diana On Her Wedding Day With A Very Special Piece of Jewelry

The royal bride in the making could choose to honor Princes Diana by wearing a very special piece of jewelry on her wedding day to Prince Harry: the House of Spencer's heirloom tiara. 


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As is customary for royal brides marrying into the royal family, they only get the chance to wear a tiara for the first time on their wedding day. The tradition has been upheld for centuries, and people today have learned to anticipate which design a bride will choose. Every tiara in the British royal family's collection (or specifically, the Queen's massive collection of jewels) holds unique historical significance, so it's anyone's guess which one Meghan will take to.



However, let it be known that brides don't simply get to point at and choose just any tiara; their choice must be approved by the Queen herself, and the tiara must not be one that the top British monarch currently uses herself. In fact, brides historically take their picks from a selection provided by the Queen, and tiaras are only loaned to them, never given. Who knew? 



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The potential top tiara choices for Meghan could include: 


The Strathmore Rose Tiara: It's on trend, dainty, considered to be a "minor tiara" (aka, an introductory piece to the world of tiara-wearing), and hasn't been worn in decades, which means the Queen won't mind lending it to Meghan. 


The Queen Mother's Three-Bracelet Cartier Bandeau: This piece is fuss-free and straightforward, yet elegant in its simplicity—pretty much the perfect fit to Meghan's overall approach to her style. 


The Queen Mary's Fringe: Considered to be an image of traditional royalty, this rather large piece could appeal to Meghan should she wish to appear stately and regal on the day she officially becomes a royal. 


The Teck Crescent Tiara: This tiara's non-traditional design of wild roses and crescents could be representative of Meghan and Prince Harry being touted as the first pair of "genuine modern royals."


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The Lotus Flower Tiara: Just like the Strathmore Rose, this piece is girly and every bit princess-like with its pearl and diamond combination. Its versatility (it can be worn high on the head or lower on the forehead) could be something that Meghan may be interested in.


A Totally New Tiara: With all the choices, it is not unheard of that new tiaras are made or commissioned for royal brides, just for them. Meghan could go all out and choose to have an original design made just for her. 


The Spencer Tiara: Now, this is where it gets interesting. 



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The Spencer Tiara belongs to the noble house of Spencer; it is not part of the Queen's extensive collection of jewels, and therefore, not worn by any of the royal ladies often seen out and about. Princess Diana's brother currently watches over it, and his nephew, Prince Harry, certainly has all the right to ask to borrow it for Meghan. 

It's highly likely that this could happen as Meghan already wears jewels previously owned by Princess Diana. They rest on her finger, as her engagement ring is composed of a Botswana diamond framed by two other stones from the late Princess' collection that her sons reportedly inherited. 



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After all, Meghan is already being considered to be this generation's new "People's Princess" because of how so many of her ways mirror those of Princess Diana's. She's broken royal protocol in several instances, but most significantly, her closeness to the people, humility, and advocacies centered around helping the disadvantaged are what make her a true reflection of the beloved Princess. 

Wearing Princess Diana's tiara, which hasn't been seen in years or worn by any major royal in recent memory, is thought to be the ultimate tribute to her. The Princes of Wales was known to be extremely proud of her Spencer heritage, and this would be a great testament to keeping that sentiment alive. 

What's a better way to become Prince Harry's official partner in life and to enter the royal family than to wear something that belonged to Princess Diana, the woman who forever changed the face of the British royal family?