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EXCLUSIVE: 7 Feisty Lessons Tricia Centenera Teaches Us About Pregnancy

Understand that you have to own the whole experience, love every single part of pregnancy from the unfamiliar to the enlightening, and most importantly, don't ever, ever let anyone tell you that your butt has become too big. 



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Metro Channel's Driven host and entrepreneur Tricia Centenera is eight months along this life-changing journey she's embarking on for the very first time. Like most moms who are on their way to mastering the art and science of motherhood, she's excited and nervous all at once and even discovering capabilities she never knew she had. It's true when they say becoming a mom makes you a superhero!


EXCLUSIVE: Metro Channel Host Tricia Centenera Opens Up About Her Pregnancy


Now that she's closer than ever to meeting her daughter (yes, she's revealed she's expecting a mini-me!), this passionate beach babe shares a message of empowerment to other moms going through similar experiences. In her post, she speaks from the heart and minces no words, making sure that each sentence makes other mommas proud of the miracle they're (literally) bringing to life—even in utero, Tricia's baby girl already has a role model to look up to. 


Here are seven lessons Tricia teaches us about pregnancy and motherhood:



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Fear not the weighing scale 

Tricia wants mommies-in-the-making to know that packing on pounds is bound to happen. Unless you've found an otherworldly solution to this totally natural process that comes with creating a little human inside you, don't you worry about it because all moms go through it. The experience is not unique to you, and that in itself should help ease the self-consciousness (or insecurity) that might stem from it. 

Besides, weight gain is like the last thing on your mind when you're excitedly anticipating a baby's (or babies') arrival. There are tons of other things worthier of your attention, like finally deciding on your child's name, and getting to hold him or her in your arms for the very first time. 


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Exercise—no excuses

While it's definitely a must for pregnant women to learn the skill of not caring about weighing scale readings, Tricia doesn't mean using pregnancy as an excuse to become sedentary. On the contrary, she advises them to keep moving and get creative with their maternity workout routines. Breaking into a sweat even while pregnant is important!

In her own words, "Keep that new curvaliscious sexy mama body moving anyway you can.. I personally swim a lot & let my partner shower me with love & affection (if you know what I mean) ????????."


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Say "no" to negativity

Everyone knows that women need to take extra care of their bodies when they're expecting. The diet they follow, amount of exercise they have, and measures they take to not get sick are usually on the top of the list of considerations for expectant moms. But what they often put on a second tier of importance is the emotional aspect of things.

With more and more women choosing to balance career and motherhood, it becomes inevitable to go through days when cortisol levels are higher, end later, or are generally more demanding. Tricia reminds us to make the conscious effort to stay away from people (and situations) that expose moms to unnecessary stress—even though it can't speak its mind yet, your baby will thank you for it. 


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Own it, don't shun it

Tricia's referring to none other than a woman's humps and bumps that get humpier and bumpier during this very special time. If you happen to develop a more voluptuous figure, love it! Own the change like it's the best thing that's ever happened to you. 

It might be challenging to get used to, but you might as well try your hardest to do so; after all, those curves aren't going to be there forever ("9 MONTHS that's it!" she writes), so make the most out of them while they're around and flaunt-worthy. 


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Men, listen up

While it's a woman's body that changes during pregnancy, the experience is almost always mutually shared between a mom and her partner. This mom in particular has a special request for the men (or women) in pregnant women's lives: make her feel the sexiest she's ever felt, and don't scrimp on the love and attention you give her!

Prengnancy is a tough cookie to bite into, and every woman will handle it differently; this is simply Tricia's way of reminding mommies' partners to be supprtive and encouraging all throughout the process.


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It's worth it, because...

...mommies are fulfilling a mission that only they can do: bring new life into this world. Little to no other experiences in life can top that. It's a miracle that will never lose its luster or cease to amaze. 

"So to all the preggi mama's asking how I'm getting through this, just know that your luscious ass won't last forever and your body will be familiar again one day with an extra family member in your arms as your reward & forever treasure to remind you it was all worth it," Tricia shares. 


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Surround yourself with good people

Surround yourself with people who are willing to keep all these lessons in mind for you, too. Only they are worth having around during a pregnancy and, well, life itself. 

And while you're out and about enjoying only the best company you can find, don't be afraid of saying "yes" to that second serving of ice cream, either! Instead of judging you for your merienda choices, the loved ones you decide to keep around will gladly ask you whether you want vanilla or chocolate. Or both. 


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Read her full post below: 



One question that I get asked time & time again ?? please swipe photo. Honestly, it was an adjustment mentally at first watching my body change during my pregnancy. My ass looks like it's pregnant too, my thighs are now bffs & well let's face face is the size of the moon??! BUT THAT'S OK because I am making a human inside of me & at the end of the day that's what it all comes down to. Making sure I am/you are healthy, well rested & not stressed the eff out. Staying away from toxic people, putting your feet up at night & having that damn second serving of ice cream if you want it. And knowing your angles when someone pulls out that camera haha. Keep that new curvaliscious sexy mama body moving anyway you can.. I personally swim a lot & let my partner shower me with love & affection (if you know what I mean) ???????? - Guys who are reading this post that's your job! Make your partner feel the sexiest she's ever felt, EVER! Don't fail her she needs to feel your love! Accept with a healthy mind what's happening to you and remind yourself it won't last forever. 9 MONTHS that's it! So to all the preggi mama's asking how I'm getting through this, just know that your luscious ass won't last forever and your body will be familiar again one day with an extra family member in your arms as your reward & forever treasure to remind you it was all worth it. This is how I'm doing it ??STAY FOCUSED ON THE GOOD STUFF. A LOT OF SELF LOVE & SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH ONLY THE BEST & ENCOURAGING PEOPLE?? P.S If you do happen to catch your partner starring at your new curves because remember he's going through this life changing experience with you too, just turn to him & say, 'GET IT WHILE LASTS HONEY' and then STRUT AWAY LIKE THE GODDESS YOU ARE! Works like a charm ?? • #34weeks #selflove #healthyhump #healthythoughts #pregnantbelly #myopinion #babyacsontheway

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In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Tricia talked more about pregnancy and motherhood. Scroll down:


What to you is the most beautiful thing about being pregnant?

I would say just knowing that the miracle of life is happening inside you. I feel my daughter kick, and every time, I am in complete awe.


How about the most challenging one?

The challenging part of pregnancy for me is having to slow down in my career and daily routine. I just can't physically keep it up. So, slowing down and listening to my body is challenging but I'm doing it. Taking care of myself is so much more important now than it ever has been.


How did your beauty routine change due to pregnancy?

I had to stop doing some laser treatments and stop using certain skin products but, overall, it stayed the same. I definitely got some hormonal pigmentation on my face but just like stretch marks, I'm wearing them with pride for now.



Dear heavenly Father, I pray right now for love for my baby growing inside of me. Jesus, fill my child with Your Agape love throughout her entire life. Please, give her a heart that overflows with love for You and for others. Keep my child from loving the things of this world, such as money, immorality or even other people, more than my child loves You. I pray that my child will be a kind, compassionate and a loving person to all she meets. And I pray that my child will show love to her enemies, as well as to her friends. Jesus, please help me & my dear partner to teach my child that love is patient and love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. Prince of Peace, thank You for loving my child with Your selfless, sacrificial, undeniable, unfailing, and unconditional love which You humbly and freely give to each of us. In Your loving name I pray, Amen - 18weeks

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What's the ultimate maternity style tip you can share? 

Just be comfortable!


What were some of your go-to pieces?

Really just the basics. Tight black t-shirt dress and slip-on tennis shoes have been my savior. 


What has your pregnancy taught you about love and life?

To not take anything for granted—being able to put on underwear and socks, paint your own toenails, go for a jog whenever I felt like it. These are things I could do with ease before and are now challenging.



Is there something that you discovered about yourself in your pregnancy journey?

I feel all women go through the same thing during pregnancy at some point. It's that moment when we realize how amazing a woman's body really is!


What do you look forward to the most about being a mother? Are you nervous in any way about going into this new chapter?

I'm excited to meet my daughter and not be so hungry all the time. I'm tired of eating because of my savage appetite haha. But most of all, I'm looking forward to getting back to life as I knew it before but with my plus one in my arms. I'm 37 and my partner is nearly 52, so we are more than ready for this next chapter in our lives. We are both so excited to grow our family and raise this baby and the next and even the next as children of God.



What is the most important thing you learned from your mother about motherhood?

That you have to be prepared to give tough love. That you can shower your children with love but parent them and give them healthy boundaries as well. As much as my mom is one of my best friends, at the end of the day, when push comes to shove, she is my mother and still somewhat the boss to a certain extent haha. My mom was and still is a toughy but I have four sisters and a brother, so she had to be to keep us all in line. I know I'll be the same with my kids. 


In your opinion, how can a mother stay driven?

I suppose remembering that saying "monkey see monkey do" is so true. If you are a liar and manipulative person, the chances that that will rub off onto your child will be quite high, even if you think you're fooling everyone, you can never fool kids, because they see everything.

Always love yourself first and then let that love flow onto your family. Self love, self care and surround yourself with non-toxic, likeminded women. If you fall apart, everything else around you will as well, so love yourself right and lead by example. Your dreams don't have to stop just because you have kids, they just change. If you think this sounds selfish then that's okay. It's your life, your choice, but this is going to be my plan of attack to stay driven as a mother. Most importantly, lift it all up to the Lord!



Interview by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photos from @triciacentenera