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Not As Fit As Before? Tricia Centenera Doesn't Mind. Motherhood Is More Than Weight!

Accepting change is hard enough on a day-to-day basis, and when you're a new mom who must accept changes in your physical appearance, sleeping habits, clothes size, identity, work-life balance, priorities and overall responsibilities, accepting change can be doubly—no, triply—hard to manage!

It's a conundrum that first-time mum Tricia Centenera has experienced in more ways than one when her daughter, Arrow, was born in November, and one she's written about often and eloquently on social media, all in the hopes of making other women feel less alone (and at times, less crazy!) about their post-natal-related worries. 


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Speaking to her thousands of Instagram followers, Tricia shared yet another all-too-relatable motherhood post, this time focusing on a concern all moms will vigorously nod their heads in agreement with: Weight gain. 

The TV personality wrote, "I may not be as thin as I was before... So if I'm not the skinny version of myself I was before it's because the old has gone and the new has come. This is my new normal. Priorities have changed & seeing her smile at me everyday is my reward."


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It's was a beautiful, honest message to share with her fellow moms and admirers like who, like her, are taught to fear the natural changes childbirth brings and pressured into losing "baby weight" as quickly and effectively as possible.

In just a few sentences, Tricia helps relieve the anxiety mommies feel when shedding pounds and inches proves to be more challenging than expected and have to come to terms that their bodies have indeed transformed to accommodate a human life—which, in the end, is a noble mission that's worth all of it.


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In the same post, Tricia also goes on to explain that rather than focus on just herself and her old preoccupations, she's now concentrating on a much more meaningful task: Nourishing her baby and making sure that both her mind and body develop just the way they should over the months and years to come. 

After all, the true measure of motherhood isn't in what the scale or the tape say; it's in the legacy that you leave with and in your children, in the love that you're able to give them despite everything else.

Arrow might just be a few months old at this point, but we can't wait to see her grow into a fine, young woman with the guidance of a super mom like Tricia!


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