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Vicki Belo Welcomed Singaporean Socialite Jamie Chua To Manila In Style

Jamie Chua is clearly a woman of bold style, her Hermes bag collection and massive shoe closet being her most famous fashion assets. 

The Singaporean stunner who vlogs, posts on Instagram without fail, and shops to no end also travels all over the world regularly (an activity she says is what "keeps her empowered"), and this week, on her international itinerary was none other than Manila, Philippines!


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Without revealing too much about her agenda, Jamie simply shared a series of photos of her with Dr. Vicki Belo posing in front of a beautiful, floral table setup by Robert Blancaflor at private club Manila House. The occasion turned out to be a surprise birthday dinner for the influencer who had no idea what was in store for her. 

The pair was elegantly dressed for the evening and Jamie expressed her delight at being welcomed so warmly by her host and other party-goers that included Dr. Hayden Kho and sisters Alice Eduardo, Melba Solidum, and Small Laude.

She wrote, "...It wouldn’t be possible to describe how touched I was to receive such hospitality on our first meeting. Meeting all of you wonderful people in my life’s journey truly added to priceless memories that made my trip unforgettable. Thank you so much for the warmth and love Victoria!"


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Additionally, Jamie made another appearance in a second high-profile event last weekend: at Philip and Small Laude's renewal of vows-slash-housewarming celebration, where she and Scarlet Snow Belo had a ball admiring each other's outfits and taking in the festivities around them. 


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A mysterious meeting it appeared to be, we're guessing that a possible partnership between the Belo Medical Group and Jamie could be brewing.

After all, Jamie is stunning and boasts of a flawless complexion! She'd make the perfect Belo muse for any of their skin and body treatments as she's a testament to what the efforts of self-care can yield. 


Photos from @ec24m