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WATCH: Gretchen Barretto And Dominique Cojuangco's Revelations About Each Other Will Make You Love This Mother-Daughter Tandem More

Gretchen Barretto and Dominique Cojuangco, one of our favorite mother-daughter tandems in showbiz, did a cover shoot together for the first time ever with Metro magazine and Metro.Style for Mother's Day, and this opportunity to spend time with them led to one of the most fun shoots we've ever done. 

A lot of people have always adored the strong bond that these two ladies have. What's more to love about them is that, aside from their mother-daughter relationship, they've also built that friendship that gives them the kind of closeness all mother-daughter pairs would hope to have.

Their cover story reveals how much of an amazing mother Gretchen is and at the same time how much of a well-brought-up daughter Dominique is.


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Watch them talk about each other in this fun and heartwarming video: 





And get to know them more in these excerpts from their interviews:


Dominique Cojuangco



What are your favorite bonding activities with your mom? 
I love having coffee with her in the morning and sometimes at night. Actually, every night, she comes in before bed and then she sits on my couch and we just chat so, like, we have our morning coffee and chat at night.


You travel together. What’s the most memorable trip you’ve taken with your mom?

My favorite trip we’ve been to together was in San Benito farm. It was just us two and I’ve learned so much about myself and about her as well. It doesn’t necessarily need to be some great escape; it just needs to be somewhere simple. I feel like you just have to get to know each other enough.


What’s the best trait of your mom that you’d like to have?

I wish that I had her confidence. I feel like she is who she is. I like how she’s unapologetic about it. And her bravery in general. She lives life to the best of her ability and that’s what she tries to instill in me.


What traits do you think you get from your mom?

I think we’re both very stubborn but I like to say strong-willed 'cause it sounds nicer. But we’re stubborn. But I also think it can be spun to be something positive. It’s like once our minds are set on something, we’re gonna do everything we can to get that goal.


It’s really touching to see how close you are. I knew that you guys were close, but I never knew you were this close.

People always ask me what it’s like being brought up without siblings in the house, but my parents are like siblings to me; they’re like very youthful. We joke around, we hangout. I always hear people say, like, “Oh, we have family dinner.” I don’t know why it sounds like such a chore for them 'cause that gets me excited. I’m always with them. I spend all day with them.


Do you and your mom raid each other’s closets?

You know what, she steals a lot of my socks and she loves my pyjamas. I’m not gonna lie, they’re very comfortable... She’ll borrow and she’s like, “I’m just borrowing!,” and I’ll never see them again.



Gretchen Barretto



What are your favorite bonding experiences with Dominique?

We bond a lot so it’s really difficult to say just a favorite. When I had her, I quit working so we bonded a lot, like 24/7—you know, I mean, from birth up to now. I think when I started my first commercial, she was three or four years old. So when she was a baby all the way to college, I think we were always together. I would take her to and fetch her from school, and people know that. When I had to work, when I started to do teleseryes or when I had to leave the country for a shampoo commercial or whatever commercial, her dad would take her to school or fetch her from school in the afternoon. 

We did a lot of baking. We always hang out in the kitchen or the pavilion area now. I lived in London for about two and a half years, so we would take the tube together. You know what, I mean, because we were both afraid when she moved to London, so crossing the street, we learned to cross the street together... And then taking the tube together, we learned it all of a sudden, because here in Manila we have a driver, but there, we only had her yaya and a secretary friend who came along. All of a sudden, we had to take a cab. That was special.


What’s the best trait of your daughter that you would like to have?

Forgiving. She’s very forgiving. She always tells me, “Mom, forgive already.”


What do you think are the traits that she gets from you?

Well, I can’t say hardworking because her dad is hardworking. She’s generous, she’s very kind.


And what doesn’t she get from you?

The guts to just do  it. Well, she obviously is raised in a very different way. She has a comfortable life. I came from the very opposite side so, you know, I’m really a go-getter because I had to survive.


What's your message to Dominique?

I just thank her everyday for being my daughter. Well, we spent three Mother’s Day together, just the two of us in London. I would take her out on a date. I wouldn’t be a mom if not for her. And I make her go to Harrods and choose anything she wanted, because I want to celebrate her. Because I wouldn’t be a mom if not for her, and I wouldn’t feel so fulfilled if she wasn’t around. I always celebrate her.






Interview by Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta

Produced by Dominique Cojuangco and Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Cyrus Panganiban

Videography by Spotlight Creatives

Creative Direction by Dominique Cojuangco and Chookie Cruz

Sittings Editors: Kate ParasGeolette Esguerra, and Chris Lopez

Styling by Rain Dagala from Team RainXEm (Gretchen) and Myrrh Lao To (Dominique)

Gretchen’s hair and makeup by Dennis Santos

Dominique’s makeup by Owen Sarmiento and hair by Mycke Arcano

Production design by The Event Studio by Gideon Hermosa

Shot on location at Las Casas – 134 Roosevelt Ave., San Francisco, Del Monte, QC

Special thanks to Gerard Gotladera of WThe Hearty Onion (@theheartyonion on Instagram) and Stories by LilyPad (@storiesbylilypad on Instagram)