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We Asked Women What They Really Want For Valentine's Day—Their Answers Will Surprise You!

When it comes to gifts or treats for a special occasion such as Valentine's day, men can't blame women for expecting something more than the ordinary. This only happens once a year, so a little bit of effort goes a long way in putting smiles on women's faces and setting their hearts aflutter on this love-filled day.

No matter how simple or grand a gift is, when it's purchased or planned with sincerity and consideration for what one likes and what will truly make one happy, it's guaranteed to be very much appreciated. 


Photo by Shamim Nakhaei on Unsplash


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But while it's called a "special" occasion, the special things a man and a woman do for and with each other shouldn't start and end on February 14. The ingredients that will continue to spice up a relationship should be available all year round. Find ways to make each other feel loved even when it's just an ordinary day.

With this month being all about love, we asked several women what they really want for Valentine's day and what a perfect Valentine's date is for them. We loved how varied their answers are. Scroll down.


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Photo by Matthieu Huang on Unsplash



Aimee Hashim, personal shopper and lifestyle consultant (LoveLuxeBags)

Photo by BJ Pascual


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"Times have changed for empowered women when it comes to celebrating Valentine's. Most of the clients I have encountered prefer gifting their loved ones with something they truly like. They try to 'spy' on what they really want and purchase them in advance.

For my personal take, though, a perfect Valentine's date is a candlelit dinner prepared by the one I love, even if it's just at home, with us simply talking about the future and our lives. Flowers and chocolates are just icing on the cake. The special bond between me and him is what matters most.

Sometimes, because of how fast-paced our day-to-day activities are, we tend to neglect the power of talking to our partners. The attention, the warmth, and the love we share are far more important than any material things he can give. The gift of time is something I value most. Then again, a pair of beautiful stilettos wouldn't hurt."



Patricia Santos, fashion designer

Photo from @itspatriciasnts / CreamSilk


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"As much as people say that giving flowers is too cheesy and sometimes a waste of money, girls would really appreciate it if the guys would surprise them with flowers, take them out on a romantic date and get them a thoughtful gift.

Think of your partner and ask yourself, 'what is it that he/she has been wanting for awhile now?' Whatever that is, that would be the perfect gift. A lot of couples tend to be so busy that they have little time for each other, so Valentine's is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together—no excuses!"



Kim Reyes-Palanca, freelance writer/editor/stylist

Photo from @kimpalanca


"It’s all about feeding my wanderlust. The most romantic gift would be to be whisked away somewhere, anywhere! It doesn’t have to be extravagant, anything new to explore would do it for me. The idea that I would just show up and, for once, have everything planned ahead for me, that’s the perfect gift. 

Take me on a road trip, a new place to eat, sight-seeing, or maybe revisit old jaunts and check out what’s new. I love the the thrill of discovering things that you can even take me around the neighborhood just to see what recently opened up. In fact, I do that myself, on foot! Haha. 

My husband knows if he tells me to pack my bags, hop in the car (or plane!) and leave right this minute, I would do it in a heartbeat—no questions asked (except maybe how the weather would be, so I could fast-pack accordingly and prepare my outfits haha)."



Abi Sy, restaurateur

Photo from @abifsy


"There’s so much post–'I do' for my husband and I. Marriage has been amazing, wild, with lots of beautiful memories of expensive wines, fancy dinners, and trips abroad—everything impromptu and perfect and new. However, it’s the magic of courtship that has been replaced with the mundane everyday #marriedlife. So to keep that newlywed spark, we’ve decided to celebrate the important days of our relationship and make it a tradition to celebrate even a commercialized holiday, Valentine’s Day, but the foodie way!

Pretty much every date we’ve been on has involved going to a new restaurant or café, drinking wine and discovering new desserts. Hence, the husband has booked us a table at a '50 BEST’ restaurant, and one-on-one cocktail session in this recently-opened speakeasy after.

I’m a huge foodie so the perfect Valentine’s date for me involves good food first and then a really good pinot noir. You know what they say: 'Wine makes every meal an occasion, and every table more elegant.'"



Keri Zamora, entrepreneur and one-half of the Flats and Stilettos blog

Photo from @kerizamora


"Honestly, it’s just time together—a lunch or dinner date or even a short trip without distractions—since my husband has been quite busy (I only see him at the gym!)"



Charisse Tinio, businesswoman/NicePrint Photography owner

Photo from @charissetiniop


"My idea of the most perfect Valentine's day is to have a romantic date with my husband, perhaps trying out a new restaurant that we've been wanting to try, or go for a drive to Tagaytay. The perfect gift would really just be his undivided time. Receiving flowers on V-day is always sweet."


Ronna Capili-Bonifacio, freelance writer/editor

Photo from @ronnabonifacio


"I'm not big on Valentine's day, I get peeved by the traffic and long waiting lines in restaurants. Thankfully, my husband remains romantic and always uses the occasion as an excuse for alone time—a scarcity now that we are parents.

Ever since the first time he gave me jewelry, I have to say I've been hooked. I now understand why it's such a tender and lasting memory of love. Unlike other gifts that are practical and useful for a woman's different roles as a wife, mother, and girl boss, a piece lovingly picked out just for me is a reminder of the foundation of all that I am able to celebrate on heart's day: our marriage.

Being a mother to little children usually takes up most of my time and mind space, so to be told once again in any way that I am also a wife, LOML (love of my life), is perhaps the most sentimental treat I can receive from my husband."



Lea Yosalina, airline pilot

Photo from @girlpilotdiaries


"It’s always nice receiving well thought out surprises from the person you love, aside from the usual chocolate-flowers-cuddly bear staple. Any girl would appreciate it when he goes out of his way to surprise you with a dinner, a trip, maybe the next book on your list, or daily useful things that you’ve been eyeing—may it be as simple as a coffee maker or a power bank or the latest beauty product that you want to try. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, but the thought and the effort that the person put in to find out what you really want (and need), now that's what makes it so special!"


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash