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Who Are Your Top 10 #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen?

Vote For Your #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen Top 10!
Who’s Your #MetroSocietyBestDressedMen Top 10?


We have released Metro Society’s Elite 50 list for this year’s BestDressed Men, from the men who can rock the sports luxe and street style, those who suit it up best, those who put the smart in smart casual, and the dapper gentlemen.

Now, it’s the time for you to call the shots and vote for your favorite men that should make it to the Metro Society Best Dressed Men People’s Choice Top 10.

Get to know these 15 men who have made it to our shortlist before you cast your votes! Check out our poll at the Metro.Style Facebook and let your voice be heard before we close the voting period on April 23, Monday.


Piolo Pascual


When you’re an A-list celebrity like Piolo Pascual, your style is your brand. So, the singer-actor-producer makes sure he dresses his best—and boy can he rock any outfit he puts on! With a charming demeanor and confidence to boot, it’s not hard to love his style and his looks. He even discloses that because he has managed to keep his physique, he can still wear the clothes that he had since he was in his 20s! Piolo Pascual, indeed, is timeless.


Raymond Gutierrez

With Raymond’s physical transformation comes his style and fashion overhaul. Once a lover of all-black outfits to hide his body, he now has learned to embrace himself and his uniqueness by donning out-of-the-box ensembles and quirkier pieces. Mond says that his style is now all about expression, not validation—and truly, his new-found confidence shows.


Nico Bolzico

Businessman, online celebrity, and husband to Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico is as casual as casual could get. If he chooses to wear a shirt for the day, we see the charming guy in plain shirts and shorts. He suits up like a real man, too, with nice cool and warm ensembles that highlights his toned body. But perhaps part of his charm, he wears whatever, doesn’t give a damn, and he looks good doing it.


Dingdong Dantes

When he’s not playing Instagram husband to his gorgeous wife Marian, and father to their adorable daughter Zia, the actor and director is a stylish man on his own. With years of experience of being in the public eye, many would say Dong is always the hot guy that can rock the latest trends—be it ripped jeans, a good watch, or a classic black leather jacket.


Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff is one of the guys who can wear anything, and look really good in it. From athleisure to Cuban polos, he wears what he feels and pulls it off effortlessly. The blogger, foodie, and all-around busybody is usually seen in his signature eyewear, in a casual button-down shirt, and a good pair of trousers. It shows his laidback personality to the T.


John Lloyd Cruz

The actor may be off duty as of the moment, but when he does choose to make an appearance, he always causes quite a stir. The way he wears his button-downs and suits are never on the safe side anymore—and it shows that the matinee idol is shedding his good boy image and is finally coming into terms with his own style.


Matteo Guidicelli

Actor and singer Matteo Guidicelli is not just all eye-candy; he works hard for the physique that he has. The Filipino-Italian has always embraced his athletic side, having been a karting driver in his teens, and now an active triathlete. While he’s oftentimes seen ready to race or in easy casual clothes, when he dresses up, he cleans up well and isn’t shy to bring out the colorful suits, loud printed shirts, and trucker hats.


James Reid

James Reid’s popularity is anchored on his talent, good looks, and his relationship with Nadine Lustre. He is also largely admired for being the epitome of cool. No one can wear the James Dean style as well as he does. Although he is seen mostly in T-shirts, cool caps, and huge jackets that once belonged to the ’90s but are making a comeback now, he can actually wear anything and look sexy in it.


Daniel Padilla

He may have entered the scene as a longhaired, Justin Bieber-ish singer, but as he’s grown up in the public eye, Daniel Padilla has refined his sense of style and took his place as one of primetime’s most sought-after actors. Never without a pair of sunglasses, Daniel Padilla isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd and take chances—who can forget when he wore that velvet suit and brought a cane to the Star Magic Ball?


Joshua Garcia

Love team partner and boyfriend to Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia is coming to terms with his newfound A-lister celebrity status—and with it comes becoming more aware of how he is seen by the public. Following the footsteps of matinee idols before him, Joshua is oftentimes seen in safe, comfortable choices, such as basic tees and jackets, but it isn’t to say that he’s not comfortable in more stylish choices, such as a well-fitting suit or a wide-brimmed hat. 


Enrique Gil

Enrique Gil is in his element when he’s donning his essentials: plain shirts, hoodies, caps, and the occasional necklaces. It’s the perfect boy-next-door look, but with more swag. He’s one of the rare guys who can play around with accessories, whether it be quirky pieces of eyewear or the latest sneaks—and he does it so well, too!


Xian Lim

Actor and music man Xian Lim’s long and lean physique makes it easier for him to wear pretty much anything. He favors long-sleeved pullover shirts and tapered pants, with the occasional cap or jacket to complete the look, but either way, he pulls off casual cool with no effort necessary.


Richard Gutierrez

Richard hasn’t veered away much from his usual look ever since he started in show business. The other half of the Gutierrez twins, Richard is a simple dresser, oftentimes seen in a nice pair of pants, shirt, jacket, and sneakers—simple and basic, but never boring. The fit is always perfect on him, never sloppy, with just the right accessory to make things interesting.


Victor Basa

Victor Basa is most known for his stints as a model, actor, and host. Now, he is also tapping into his natural and softer side with his new planterior business, Happy Plant Co. Even though Victor is now expanding outside the modeling world, he still manages to look as good as when he’s on the runway or on a billboard. His boyish good looks and fit body can make transitioning from casual to formal wear no problem at all.


Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales’ humble beginnings started with him dressing up in borrowed clothes that were a few sizes too big for him. He recalls that he opted to splurge on colognes during his first paychecks as an actor. Nowadays, as an established actor, singer, and songwriter, he pairs his youthful good looks with an ageless, timeless wardrobe that’s hip yet befitting of his celebrity status.


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