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Why Did Meghan Markle's Dad Back Out Of Walking Her Down The Aisle At The Royal Wedding?

With the royal wedding just four days away, Thomas Markle Sr. confirmed that he will no longer do the honor of giving her daughter Meghan away to Prince Harry by walking her down the aisle at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.



While Kensington Palace happily announced that the septuagenarian was poised to play a major role in the highly-anticipated event early this month, he shocked the Palace, the world, and perhaps his daughter too, when he revealed that he was backing out of the engagement to American celebrity news outlet TMZ.


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It is now known that Thomas, an award-winning lighting director, was hospitalized in General Hospital in Mexico for a heart attack almost a week ago. It was the second heart attack suffered by the retiree who is reportedly in frail physical and emotional condition.

While most people have assumed that his failing health was what prompted him to opt out of the ceremony, they've since been proven wrong. In fact, Thomas checked himself out of the hospital to be able to prepare for his flight to London and was ready to head out of the country, until some very distressing news made its way to him.


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The Mail on Sunday revealed that they had gotten a hold of footage of Thomas speaking with paparazzi in what appeared to be a staged photo shoot. The "candid" photos were taken with the intention of portraying Thomas in a more positive light, after unflattering images of him have surfaced in the past months that portrayed him as unkempt and slovenly.



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The photos, which were also suspected to have been sold to other photographers and news outlets, showed Thomas looking at images of Meghan and her fiancé on a computer in an Internet cafe, getting fitted for a suit, and browsing a book titled Images of Britain: A Pictorial Journey Through History.

Thomas has been slammed for this, and has since decided to be absent from the royal wedding in order to save his daughter and her in-laws from further embarrassment. Sadly, he may also be on his way back to the hospital as he is experiencing a fresh bout of chest pains after learning this incident.


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Unfortunately, for Meghan, the issue doesn't stop here.

Her estranged older half-sister Samantha Grant, Thomas' daughter from a first marriage, admitted on British TV show Loose Women that the photo shoot was entirely her idea. She said that she was the "culprit," and that it was her attempt to help her father recover from the negative image of him created by paparazzi that have hounded him to no end since Meghan announced her engagement last year. Samantha insisted that this was all for her father, and was not done for financial gain.



These are the newest reports that have tainted Meghan's family in the weeks leading up to her wedding. Her half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., recently handwrote and sent a letter to In Touch Weekly labeling Meghan as a "jaded" and "conceited" woman who left her family in debt and would make a "joke" of the royal family. He later on followed it up with another note that took back his original sentiments and expressed his happiness for Meghan.


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These revelations have been rumored to "anger" the Queen, with many waiting for Meghan's official statement on the matter. Neither she nor the Palace have directly addressed these issues, save for a statement asking for privacy during this difficult time.

It is not known whether Thomas will be officially left out of the wedding, and if Meghan's mother Doria will be replacing her father, should he be absent.

The royal wedding is scheduled to take place at 12 noon on Saturday, May 19 in London.


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