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These Women In The Field Of Science Talk About Empowerment And Pursuing What You Want

Women empowerment is an advocacy many are championing. Now more than ever, women should learn how to empower—and not compete with—each other, in order to achieve further success in various fields of interest. 

In the field of science, L’Oréal and UNESCO have been recognizing the importance of women in the society since it was founded in 1998 via the program "For Women In Science" (FWIS). Acknowledging that many women have made significant contributions in a male-dominated field such as science, this program aims to encourage more women to explore and pursue this industry.

Duting the program's recent awarding event, Metro.Style was able to talk to Dr. Charissa Marcaida Ferrera, FWIS 2018 Philippine National Fellow awardee, as well as other women in science about empowering women. Asked “how can you promote women empowerment as a woman in science?,” these ladies got real and shared their opinions on the matter. Read on and be inspired by these bold and brilliant women!


“Do your best and prove that impossible things are possible through hard work and perseverance. Never give up on your passion and dreams. Research more on women who made significant advancement in their fields, research on the internet and read books like biographies on success stories” – Dr. Charissa Ferrer, Chemical Oceanographer and FWIS 2018 Philippine National Fellow awardee



“Whenever I meet girls who enjoy doing science, I advise them to pursue that as a career by all meanscontinue and ask questions, make sure to get the best background and foundation so that wherever you go, you can use that” – Dr. Lourdes Cruz, FWIS Global Laureate for Asia/Pacific 2010 and FWIS Philippines 2018 Jury President



“I believe that people would be encouraged to go to a particular field if you’ve given them the freedom to do whatever they want to do” – Dr. Rhodora Azanza, President, National Academy of Science and Technology



“It’s about improving women’s participation in scientific activities, to enable women to decide on their own” – Dr. Marietta Sumagaysay, Executive Director, National Research Council of the Philippines



“I tell them to keep the curiosity alive. Whatever you’re doing, just observe what’s happening around you and be curious about it. Whether or not you go to the scientific world, analytical thinking is important for your life in general” – Dr. Aletta Iniguez, FWIS Philippines National Fellow 2012



“I think, sometimes, women are a little reserved and lack confidence. I really wish they would challenge something exciting with what they’re doing. Confidence is something you don’t create just yourselfother people will give you confidence, too. So it’s always nice to have good interaction with good friends and good people” – Dr. Reiko Kuroda, FWIS Global Laureate for Asia/Pacific 2013


Photographs courtesy of L'Oréal