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Signs Your Husband May be Cheating on You

Cheating happens, that is a fact. Though signs are usually quite glaring, most people tend to deny them to avoid pain and conflict. But in reality, knowing the signs is the first step to saving your relationship before it’s too late. So, here’s a list of signs your husband MIGHT be cheating on you. Remember, these signs aren’t for you to jump to conclusions and accuse your husband of philandering, but more for you to check in with your marriage and see if your husband may be needing more from it than what’s present.


1. He talks about his day less.

Everyone needs to talk about their day, especially of it was a bad one. Being someone’s partner usually means you’re the person they come to first when they need to vent or talk about how their day went. With someone else in the picture, he has someone else to confide in. That means once he gets to you, he won’t feel the need to talk about it anymore.


2. He often lies about where he is or what he’s doing.

This probably goes without saying, but it’s a sign that something might be wrong. There’s really no harm in you knowing where he is, unless he’s planning your surprise birthday bash, but in any other case, if he’s hiding that from you, he might be hiding more.



3. He is emotionally absent.

Sometimes you need to vent too, but a man can also take so much. If someone else has been sharing their emotions with him, it makes it more difficult for him to listen to yours as well. His lack of attention to you may come from him being attentive to someone else.


4. He spends less intimate time with you.

If he’s got someone else to be intimate with, those needs are already fulfilled the moment he gets back to you. That means that if someone else is fulfilling his needs, he needs less from you thus he doesn’t feel the same pull towards his partner.



5. He often denies or has a lot of excuses for changes in his behavior.

These changes in behavior are usually apparent. When confronted about them, he will probably pretend they don’t notice or lie about why they’re there. It’s another red flag that he may be hiding something from you.


6. He hides his devices.

If he used to leave his laptop in the kitchen or living room, then suddenly you realize that he feels the need to keep them close or hidden around the house, it might mean he’s hiding something. Online affairs are easily as concealable as the device they’ve been using.


7. He’s found a ‘new best friend’.

Some men will try to create a sense of security by telling you about someone they’ve connected with in the office or online. They will start with sharing stories about this new person with you. But when you start asking questions and they get a bit defensive about who this person is or what they talk about, that might be a sign that there’s something you might not know about.


8. He’s mysteriously changed the password of your computer or his devices.

If you share a computer, you might notice that the password to either the computer or your husband’s private account has been changed. If he’s the type to share that password with you before, and isn’t now, there might be something going on.



9. He won’t let you use his devices.

It’s common for partners to borrow each other’s phones for a lot of reasons, but if he’s apprehensive about even letting you look at his phone or computer, there might be something he doesn’t want you to see. When you’re as close to someone as a person is to their spouse, there shouldn’t really be much to hide unless it’s something bad.

10. He gets defensive about the time he spends on the computer.

Maybe your husband is an avid video gamer or his job requires him to be on the computer more often, but if he gets defensive about it when he has no reason to be, there might be something there. Perhaps he’s spending more time on it than usual, or he just hates it when you ask him what he’s been using it for.


Of course none of these signs will tell you right away what your husband’s been doing with his spare time, but they’re signs. Of course he could have really good reasons to be this way and there might be a good chance he probably isn’t cheating on you, but it helps to know when it might be time to ask him if everything is all right. It may save your marriage.



Bio: Rica Cruz, RPsy is a Psychologist, and Sex and Relationships Therapist with the Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychology Services. She is also a faculty member of the Department of Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University. Her expertise focuses on Filipino sexual behaviours with an emphasis on sexual pleasure and relationship satisfaction. She opines that sexual empowerment for Filipinos is sexier than sex. :)
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