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10 Facts About Cheating That Will Surprise You

Here are some facts about cheating that you should know about.Don’t take whatever you read as divine law. Just because he/she falls into any of these descriptions doesn’t mean right away that he/she’s cheating on you. Stay calm and be aware.


1. Cheating can really increase the risk of STDs.

Okay, you probably already knew this, but studies have shown that most monogamous couples don’t have sex with condoms. That means if one of them cheats, they’re likely not to use one there either since they’re so used to going in naked and bareback and no condom means no protection. Be careful when he decides to turn his kamatis into a hot potato.


2. Men with big balls are more likely to cheat.

You probably looked at his balls just now, noh? Big balls usually mean high levels of testosterone. It might be a biological thing. Men with these traits tend to pass on their genes more efficiently because of their increased sexual desire. That means they naturally won’t pass up an opportunity to reproduce.


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3. Cheating kills.

Ever heard of anyone getting a heart attack during sex? Probably not. It’s a rare case. Though, when it does happen, it’s usually when the person suffering from the heart attack is cheating. Apparently, cheating causes psychological distress. Big surprise.


4. He might be cheating on you in his imagination.

Oh no! Don’t worry though. Only 98% of men (and 80 percent of women) admit to fantasizing about having sex with someone other than their partner so don’t fret! He might be part of the 2%! Unless of course we find out that the other two percent are just really good at lying to researchers.


5. Cheating doesn’t kill relationships.

“If he cheats on me, it’s over!” It’s a common thought. Though, research has found that not every case ends the relationships. Some couples even come out stronger and closer than ever before after getting through the issue. Talk about facing your problems together!


Photo by Jessica Castro on Unsplash


6. ‘Cheating websites’ don’t do much.

Yes, there are websites geared towards helping people have affairs. Lots of people think they’ve made cheating more prevalent, but apparently it’s the same. These sites just give cheaters more opportunities to do what they want to do, but without these sites, they’ll probably still cheat anyway.


7. Nobody knows what “cheating” means.

Apparently it’s way more complicated! Some couples consider spending time or even talking to other people to mean cheating. Most men and women apparently define the term differently according to their attachment style. Go figure!


8. If she’s faking it, she’s likely to cheat.

Orgasm frequency doesn’t seem to have any correlation to cheating, but faking it does! Women who pretend to orgasm just to please their men are more likely to cheat. Perhaps they’re looking for that satisfaction somewhere else (or from someone else!)



9. The ones digit of your age might make you more likely to cheat!

People are more likely to cheat the closer they are to hitting another decade. If his age ends with a nine, you might want to watch him a little more closely. The Harry Potter series might not be the only stories with cursed numbers.


10. People who cheat are more likely to cheat again!

Most men who cheat have admitted to cheating more than once, usually depending on why they cheated in the first place. It isn’t true for everybody though, so as I’ve said, kalma lang. 

If you feel that your partner may be cheating, there’s no need to let rage get the best of you. Remember, before burning anything down – may this be his/her stuff or your love for each other – help is just around the corner. 



Bio: Rica Cruz, RPsy is a Psychologist, and Sex and Relationships Therapist with the Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychology Services. She is also a faculty member of the Department of Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University. Her expertise focuses on Filipino sexual behaviours with an emphasis on sexual pleasure and relationship satisfaction. She opines that sexual empowerment for Filipinos is sexier than sex. :)
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