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25 Movies To Watch When You’re Heartbroken

Have you had a recent break up? Need something to distract you from the injustices of love? A good movie should help you right out. Whether they address break-ups directly or distract you from the pain, these movies will help you with your heartache.


1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Watch Imperator Furiosa’s trail of explosions and carnage, a movie devoid of romance to soothe your broken heart. It’s perfect for days when you feel tired of being sad. Embrace the fury.


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2. Moana

Your girl Moana is too busy protecting her people to even think about romance right now. She’s training to become a leader and an adventurer. Romance is not even on her radar. Her great loves? The sea and her people.  


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3. Amelie

Our title character was raised alone and she’s quite happy that way. Amelie is a precocious woman who finds love in herself before she sets out to love someone else. Take cues from our leading lady and find joy in the little things.


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4. How to Be Single

Want a good ol’ fashioned break-up film with a more updated setting? Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson have you covered. How to be single is a fun, cliché trip through singlehood with a twist.


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5. Dreamgirls

This movie is carried by the heartbreaking acting and vocals of Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé, Anika Noni Rose, and Eddie Murphy. The whole spectrum of finding and losing love is in its soundtrack. You have the initial attraction, the fall, suspicion, denial, bargaining, anger, and acceptance. This movie highlights how sometimes love is tainted and gets in the way of your dreams, and how to find the right path again.


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6. Bridesmaids

This comedy allows its ladies to be whatever they want to be. They’re single, engaged, in a complicated one-sided fling, graceful, rich, broke, draped in fine fabrics, and soiling themselves. Have a laugh at the situations they put themselves through and thank god they’re not happening to you.


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7. Get Out

Wear your sadness as an armor and dive into brilliant films you’ve avoided because they’re too scary. Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris tries his best to survive the horrors that await him in a white suburban estate. The terrors of old are alive and well, wearing a gruesome new costume.


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8. Death Becomes Her

Based on the true story of Meryll Streep, witness how she discovered the power of immortality. The movie is full of jokes funnier than that, I can guarantee. This is a hilarious film that’ll make your inner goth laugh and contemplate revenge (but like, the fun kind of revenge).


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9. Penelope

Are people pushing you to jump into another relationship? As if happiness can only be attained through being accepted by someone else? Penelope knows how you feel. She has overbearing parents, a sort-of-ex out to make her miserable, and a lonely heart. Can you say #relatable?


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10. Legally Blonde

Elle Woods knows the pain of being dumped and undervalued. Watch her come to terms with her own self worth and realize she doesn’t need a man to be fulfilled in life in Harvard Law.


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11. Begin Again

Laugh and cry with Gretta (played by Kiera Knightly) as she goes through her own tumultuous breakup. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by how she works through her grief through music. This film feels intimate and honest about the highs and lows of life after a break-up, and it has the best approach to drunk calling your ex in history.


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12. Hot Fuzz

This movie is best enjoyed with a platonic life partner and a couple of Cornetto’s. Simon Pegg’s Nick Angel goes through a breakup as well and is resigned to an idyllic town with a ridiculous secret. The jokes are as dry as your ex’s heart but fifty times more entertaining.


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13. Magic Mike

It’s partly based on Channing Tatum’s life story and mostly an excuse to get some half naked men dancing on screen.


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14. Up

The first act is enough to make you believe in love all over again. Then it takes your heart through a paper shredder. But Pixar has plenty of glue and scotch tape to piece you back together again in this fun animated film.


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15. Bride Wars

Remember not to let love get between you and your friendships in Bride Wars. The movie stars two best friends who get into a fight when their wedding plans get in each other’s way. As the movie progresses they start sabotaging each other’s weddings until it comes to a head. They then learn that friendship is the greatest love of all.


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16. Annihilation

The romance is nothing but a backdrop to this thrilling sci-fi film. Natalie Portman plays Lena, a cellular-biologist and former soldier. Lena investigates the psychedelic Shimmer, an iridescent dome expanding from a crashed meteor. Joining her is a group of women, experts in their fields carrying a tragic past. The women know it’s a one-way trip as no one has come back alive, but they need to stop the Shimmer before it consumes the whole world.


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17. (500) Days of Summer

Remember that uplifting high your love gave you? Then the absolutely awful crash afterwards? Watch as Tom Hansen goes through these feelings and pick himself up again. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.


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18. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter Bretter, played by Jason Segel flies to Hawaii to get over his ex girlfriend Sarah Marshall. In a cruel twist of fate, Sarah (Kristen Bell) is at the same resort with her new boyfriend (Russell Brand). Commiserate with Peter as he tries to get over his ex in the hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


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19. Pacific Rim

The third best part about Pacific Rim is the epic clash between giant robots and giant aliens. The first of course is Mako Mori, played by Rinko Kikuchi. The second best thing about Pacific Rim is the laser focus on individuals working together to save the world, no pointless romantic subplots here. With determination, black market deals, friendship, and giant robots, this group of highly specialized nerds will cauterize the bleeding wound in your heart.


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20. Carrie

Are you filled with bloodlust? Then this is the movie for you. Satisfy your cravings for revenge with the 1976 or 2013 version.


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21. John Tucker Must Die

Are you knee deep in fury but also squeamish when it comes to blood? This is the revenge flick for you. Despite the name, there is 100% less murder in this one compared to Carrie.


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22. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Combo punch the memory of your ex by watching Scott Pilgrim beat up Ramona Flowers’ seven evil exes.


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23. The Secret World of Arrietty

Getting dumped made me feel six inches tall, but small doesn’t mean powerless. Arrietty and her family are miniature people called Borrowers who secretly live in homes. Let this Ghibli film bring back your child-like wonder, a simpler time when the thing that broke your heart was the fact that the fairies in your bedroom haven’t shown themselves to you even after you left them gifts.


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24. Celeste & Jesse Forever

Rashida Jones’ Celeste and Andy Samberg’s Jesse were best friends turned lovers. Which is why it’s so surprising that the movie begins with them going through a divorce. They’re still the best of friends, which makes the separation both easy and difficult. Have you ever told an ex, “Can we still be friends?” This is that, taken to the extreme.


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25. Chicago

Do you daydream about revenge? Love musicals? Why not put both together? You’ll soon be dancing and singing along to the music of sweet, sweet revenge in Chicago.


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So go on, change into that old but comfy pair of pajamas and load up on your favorite treats. Curl up in bed and pop in a film. Treat yourself!


Photo by Karen Zhao on Unsplash