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Looking For A Holi-Date? Here's How To Score A Vacation Fling On Bumble

Take action and make the first move towards holi-dating!

If you’ve ever been single on vacation, you’ve probably entertained the fantasy that you’ll end up sitting next to a gorgeous stranger on the airplane or maybe that you’ll meet an attractive local who can show you all the sights. But in reality, these types of scenarios rarely just fall into our laps! Take action and make the first move towards holi-dating this Ber months with Bumble.

The women-first dating app has the coolest new data and features to get you swiping. According to Bumble, 7 in 10 Filipinos are likely to seek a holiday romance while traveling, with men (72%) being slightly more likely than women (68%) to do so. The study also further showed that 2 in 5 Filipinos are looking for someone to spend the holidays with!

No matter the season, Clinical Psychologist and Bumble's relationship expert Dr. Margie Holmes believes that we are all capable and deserving of having meaningful connections. "Research in neuroscience and psychobiology consistently confirms that we are innately social beings and that meaningful relationships help us thrive. Bumble is certainly admirable for providing everyone, especially women, with the means to do so. With their efforts, more women are empowered to do something about connecting and to create their own luck," says Dr. Margie Holmes. 

So whether you’re looking for a casual fling, a date to bring to family gatherings, or someone to play Secret Santa with, Bumble is the best place to find what you’re looking for.

Below you’ll find tips on how to get into holi-dating, Bumble style:

Photo from Unsplash by Blake Carpenter

1. First things first, verify your profile. In Bumble, you can also request your match to do the same. Of all the things you want to catch while you’re on holiday, you don’t want a catfish on your net!

2. Complete your bio with a short description of who you are and use Bumble badges to show what you’re interested in. It’s way easier to find matches when you put yourself out there.

3. Meet someone prior or during your trip with Bumble’s travel mode. Set the location of where you are or where you’re heading so you can already find a match around the area! This is the perfect way to start a conversation with your match before you even meet irl.

4. Get to know your match better by getting on a video or voice call. Save your thumbs from lengthy conversations via text! Isn’t it better to see or hear him/her/them right before you meet up?

5. Disclose what you’re looking for and make your intentions clear. Are you looking for love, a fling, or a casual date? Get these questions out of the way so you can start cruising with your holi-date!