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How Feng Shui Can Keep A Marriage Happy, And Your Man Yours

Because Chinese New Year is a few days away, we decided to share Maritess Allen's tips from a previous article on having a happy marriage—the Feng Shui way.

"My first marriage failed when I was in my late 20s. Having a five-year relationship crumble after trying hard to save it was no walk in the park. My first husband was a good man and a wonderful father, but the incompatibilities simply got the better of our relationship.

I got fascinated reading about feng shui. It made me realize that bad feng shui was all around us. For instance, there was a huge mirror across our bed and a TV set with a reflective screen. A water feature was on the right and left side of our main door—very bad feng shui as they represented tears!

From then on, I planned everything according to feng shui. When I got married to Nick, an international business consultant who embraced my three children from my first marriage as if they were his own, I applied feng shui principles, which seemed to help him close more contracts. Since then, he believed in its powers.

Of course, I also activated the Southwest sector of our house, but I must have overdone it. I could not recall having any serious argument with Nick; in fact, the house was overflowing with love—so much so that one nanny became pregnant by our driver, and another one fell in love with the gardener!



The bottom line is that once married, you want to stay happily married. So here are some quick tips on how to keep your spouse from having a roving eye:

  1. The Southwest segment of your house is where love reigns, so pay special attention to it! The southwest governs the luck of love, romance, and family happiness. Use a reliable compass to determine the exact SE location at 232.6o to 247.5o.
  2. Mandarin Ducks symbolize love and romance. Place a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of your bedroom to activate your love life. Do NOT use wooden ones because they go against the Earth element residing in the southwest. A pair will do, as three or more would mean “crowding” your relationship.
  3. The Double Happiness Emblem is excellent for activating marriage luck as it enhances your married life and brings eternal love in your relationship. Singles can benefit from this, too, by placing it in the southwest corner of your home or bedroom, or carry it anywhere with you in your wallet or purse. You can also affix this to your phone to bring dating luck or wear them as earrings.
  4. Avoid placing mirrors and television sets in the bedroom. The reflection they create symbolizes intrusion into your private lives.
  5. Place an Amethyst Geode tied with a red ribbon under the conjugal bed. This is a powerful cure against infidelity.
  6. Stimulate romance by placing a chandelier in the southwest corner of your home. Doing this will introduce fire in this sector to bring love luck.
  7. Natural crystals are regarded as one of the best symbols of Mother Earth. Rose Quartz crystals and Rose Quartz gem trees will bring you lots of love luck by placing them in the southwest corner of your living room, bedroom or garden to activate for love.
  8. Candles in all shapes, sizes, and colors are suggestive of love, and can give your area a warm glow. It also enhances the entire look of your home while enhancing romance.
  9. The swan is a universal symbol of grace, love, purity, loyalty and strength. A pair of swans is associated with fidelity, loyalty in marriage, and monogamy. They mate for life and are dedicated partners, thus signifing endless romance and high commitment. They are favorite symbols for the energy of love and lifelong devotion in relationships and marriages.
  10. Hearth Crystals symbolize the energy of love, unity and happiness that comes from being in a balanced partnership.
  11. Apples are symbols of peace and abundance. The Chinese word for apple, "Ping," phonetically sounds like the word for peace. The fruit itself is ripe, succulent and juicy, representing a rich and happy life for the owner.
  12. Frigga Crystal No. 8, the infinity symbol (figure eight), is universally recognized as a symbol for eternity. The two circles that form the number eight ave no ending and no beginning and continue in its pattern infinitely. The mystic knot is probably the most well-known symbol for eternity in feng shui. It is also considered a good luck charm. The knot consists of six infinity knots tied together. The mystic knot symbolizes unending luck, prosperity, and abundance.
  13. Do NOT join two single beds together to form a single bed because it would surely break up any relationship you are in. The gap between the two beds might turn prophetic.
  14. Do NOT have a toilet in the southwest because it would symbolize flushing away your relationship luck. If it can’t be avoided, just hang one all-metal windchime beside the toilet to suppress bad chi coming from it. Make sure also that it is hung at waist height.


These are just some practical tips that could help couples or those seeking romantic partners experience smooth and satisfying unions. Remember that there are still unseen energies out there that may create disharmony in your life. That is when you need to consult an experienced and reliable feng shui professional."



Our Love & Sex Expert

Marites Allen is the first and only Filipina to date to be awarded the prestigious title of “Master in Feng Shui” by the International Feng Shui Association. She is the Chief Executive Officer of House of Allen Ltd., a fashion line in Europe. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Marites Allen) and, and You may visit her website or reach her at 09209509390 or any FRIGGA boutique in Metro Manila and Cebu.