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The Power Of Affirmation

The best thing a husband can do for his wife is to tell and show her how much he means to her. Our male columnists tell us why affirmation is important and the ways to do it.


Slick Rick:

With social media setting unreasonable standards and so many photos, and videos being passed around, it’s so easy for anyone to feel insecure. One of the keys to deal with this is having a nurturing husband-wife relationship through affirmation.

I find it nice when I’m able to tell my wife that she’s doing great and that I love her every single day. People may think it’s overkill, but I still believe that it’s a different thing if you hear it. This is something that I had to learn because my parents aren’t the type to say it outright, although I know that they do. I grew up as an only child and I was used to it.

But in my past relationships and since being married, it’s something that I had to learn and get used to. Just simply saying “I love you” goes a long way. I love saying it and it gives my wife the strength that she needs when she’s down or having a bad day.

Another important thing that I always say is “Thank you” because it’s such a selfless act to be a mother, wife, and doctor at the same time. She spends so much time taking care of our son, but she still has time to work. That’s why I don’t fail to say “Thank you.” It’s as important as “I love you.”

These are the building blocks of affirmation and the pillars of a successful marriage. Life is full of ups and downs. It’s time that you take it slow and never forget the person by your side.



For husbands to affirm their wives, they need to know their wife’s love use positive words like “You look nice today,” “Wow, you’re doing great!” Second, show her that she’s important by spending quality time with her. Third, give her an embrace, a kiss on the cheek, a “that was really great cooking” hug. Use touch to affirm and express your love for them. Fourth, show your love through acts of service, e.g., preparing meals (if the husband can cook), picking her up at work, etc. Fifth, give thoughtful gifts, say, a photo of your first meeting, or a favorite chocolate.

I think the key to all of that is we need to do two things: one, whatever our way of affirmation, it must be sincere; and two, we need to say or do it, so that our wife gets to experience the language affirmation of love.


About Our Columnists: 

You know me as Edric Mendoza,  former host of ANC’s “On the Money.” I’m also an “edupreneur” and a Registered Financial Planner, happily married with five beautiful kids.

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