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Body Language Experts Reveal Their Observations About Prince Harry And Meghan Markle During The Royal Wedding

While everyone is still gushing about the royal wedding, with it being watched by millions around the world, we can’t help but wonder how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are really feeling during this grandiose event. Lucky for us, we have body language experts to pick up subtle clues that uncover a lot about what the couple could be going through during the grand, yet, personal ceremony. And these are what they observed:


1. The radiant bride was “supremely calm.”




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Meghan was oozing with grace, poise and confidence during the entire service. Even though the eyes of the entire world was on her (not to mention The Queen’s), the Duchess remained composed, sitting upright, with a congruent smile on her face the whole time. More so, not once did she fiddle with her hands nor did she check her dress. She appeared completely relaxed and undaunted by the whole anxiety-provoking experience. Probably one of the many reasons Harry fell for her, right?


2. The groom appeared a little bit “nervous.”



Prince Harry’s frequent face-touching during the ceremony could indicate that he was more anxious compared to his calm bride. He rubbed his nose quite a few times suggesting that he might have wanted the attention off himself. It was also noticeable how he moved his body slightly forwards and backwards during the ceremony, which is a common physiological response for people who feel overwhelemed with emotions. Hey, if you’re marrying the girl of your dreams, wouldn’t you be overwhelmed too?


3. The couple’s reassuring love for each other.

The nervous groom was also seen stroking his bride’s fingers with his thumb, which is a sure sign of affection and desire that he has for Meghan. It also indicated how Prince Harry was telling Meghan, “I’m glad you’re here with me.”



Meghan’s consistent eye-contact with his groom allowed her to bathe him in love, allowing meaningful non-verbal communications between the two. Their long passionate gazes allowed them to share mutual empathy and rapport in a very private space even though the whole world is watching.


4. Their shared moments of laughter.



Aside from their intense eye-gazing, another strong mirrored response the two shared was their twinned laughter. Princed Harry’s nerves turned to laughter when his bride made him giggle during the exchange of vows. This light display of affection is sign that these two share an intimate, playful bond no amount of nerve-wracking royalty can take away. Their laughing moments was so adorable, you can’t help but smile yourself.

5. That genuine true love’s kiss.



When Prince Harry kissed his bride, he leaned in slightly towards her while she remains centered and composed. This could be seen as a gesture of professing his love to her. It was the moment everyone was waiting for—the real life, fairy tale’s true love’s kiss.


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