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Cristalle Belo And Justin Pitt Swear By These 4 Key Elements In Maintaining A Healthy Marriage


Metro Society’s March 2018 issue came with a big announcement! After a year and a half of marriage, Cristalle Belo and Justin Pitt are having a baby boy, and they shared all the heartwarming details to the magazine!

A couple for about four years now, the excited parents-to-be make their marriage work by doing the following:



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1. Communicate with your partner.

Both Justin and Cristalle give importance to effectively communicating with each other, and understanding that they are two different individuals trying to live harmoniously together. Acknowledging their similarities, differences and quirks is one big reason why their “partnership” works out.

Justin tells Metro Society, “Share your feelings, and listen to the other person. Come up with a compromise as to how you can both move forward.”


2. Set aside time for each other.

With their busy schedules, both have admitted to struggling with managing their time in the beginning. However, they’ve found that devoting small pockets of time to each other helped bolster the relationship, until they can go on a proper vacation to devote all their time together.

"We like pampering ourselves when we’re on vacation. We’re never rushing. We enjoy each other, and the places we go to. On regular days, we make sure we eat together, try to go for walks or play tennis, or watch movies,” Cristalle shares.



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3. Keep the fire burning.

Although they no longer fly-off spontaneously, like the way it was during their dating years, Justin and Cristalle have kept the excitement going by keeping the small, romantic gestures. During the shoot, the team would often catch them sharing a look, rubbing noses with each other, or even trying to tickle each other when they think no one is looking.

Cristalle reveals of Justin, “He’s a man in the boardroom but a boy in the bedroom. He’s so disciplined and serious, but when it’s just the two of us, he can be quite silly and playful.”


4. Welcome the future but be grounded in the past.

Despite their liberal views in conceiving and their progressive plans for the birthing process, both parents intend to raise their child similarly to how they both grew up. They maybe forward-thinking parents, but they keep their morals and virtues in check.

“I’d like for our son to grow up and learn the importance of character, integrity and authenticity. I would also love for him to be compassionate and be caring towards others,” shares Justin, who said he saw these traits from his own wife, Cristalle.


Photographs courtesy of Metro Society magazine