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5 Reasons Why He Does Not Want Sex


We have always heard that we, men always think about sex. That is why it’s seen as a red e to think that we’re on sex steroids 24/7 as it’s unfair to think that women are forever on vanity-mode. So to dispel this myth, here are some reasons why he may not be that much into it:


He is too competitive

His work, hobbies and other diversions actually take most of his time. Men become too passionate about their careers, hobbies, or sports that they usually divert the energy and excitement they would normally give to their wives. He may be getting turned on with the successes with work, getting recognition, or being praised by peers. And that’s enough for him.



His diversion is someone else

Let us face it, when there is a sudden change in a man’s desire and behavior, we automatically think he is having an affair. Sudden late nights in the office, frequency of night out with friends. When your man is not into getting it with you, he might be getting it elsewhere.

Affairs can start due to being frustrated in the bedroom, but it is also a sign of bigger, more complicated problems in the relationship. It is true that affairs can be a game ender in relationships but more importantly, we need to examine what the affair means, or why your man went astray. Solving these may result in better, stronger relationships.


Pressure to perform

Some great athletes quit while they’re ahead. This avoids them being called a has been when they have passed their peak. That one great sexual performance where he got you moaning and screaming his name followed by a series of not as mind-blowing encounters may be getting to his head. These problems or issues that lead to performance anxiety may cause him to hesitate to initiate. Anxiety may cause erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. The man’s feeling of inadequecy must be addressed or it can cause him to shut out his desires completely.



He wants to take charge and finds that negotiating is too tiresome. He then takes matters into his own hands—literally. There is usually a big gap between the desire of men and women. When a man feels rejected, some men prefer to turn to masturbation. This gives a man the autonomy of masturbating to porn or his own fantasies proving to be quicker and efficient. However, they sometimes fail to recognize that they withhold sex from their partners to fulfill that need of sexual aloneness. Sex is necessary for marital happiness. You can both agree to frequency of sex that allows the both of you to fulfill your desires but also lets him have that alone time from time to time.




Men like being excited and there are times when he gets bored and loses attraction for his partner which causes him to not want to have sex with her. In a relationship, excitement is a mix of visual pleasure and sexual chemistry mixed with the emotions and intimacy with each other. You might want to think out of the box to keep things interesting between the both of you. While a man is more likely to always want to get laid, he may want it in different positions, location or roles. You can get creative with him, role playing or a change of scenery from time to time may prove to be rewarding in most times.


So if you feel that your man is not as much into sex as you want him to, check if any of these make sense for you. Or if you want a better way to know, asking him would be the way to go.