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Filipino Values And Sex

“How did you get into that?!” is the usual reaction of people when they find out I’m a sex therapist.

And my usual answer? “I don’t know, I just wanted to find out how much sex I should be having to be happy!” And find out I did. Given our feminist ideals, I took matters into my own hands and started doing research on Filipino sexual behaviors.

At first, I was ecstatic. I thought studying about sex in our country would be fun. But, boy oh boy, little did I know that I was about to get into the most difficult yet exciting ride of my life (and no, I’m not talking about any reverse cowgirl moment).

That ride—as I’m still on it—can be talked about another day. For now, I will share with you my initial findings, which ironically I first shared internationally a couple of years ago. Despite racy depictions that come out every day on media (i.e., the Internet, film, TV and radio), people still think that everything related to sex is “bastos” and should not be talked about.

The primary purpose of this study was to determine how sex and other allied factors (i.e., emotional intimacy, religiosity, sex guilt, lust, foreplay, sexual activities and orgasm) are critical towards maintaining satisfaction within a relationship. The descriptives of the study may be viewed in the infographic below, but with healthy respect to our society’s strong moral adherence, please note that it contains sensitive information and actual sex terminology. I suggest that the data below be interpreted with caution, keeping an open sexy mind.


Disclaimer: After years of doing research on sex, I discovered that sex is not just a matter of frequency, but also a matter of quality. So don’t just rely on the quantity, bad sex can happen every single day. (Again, more on that in future articles!) #takeitfromthesexpert



Our Love & Sex Expert

Rica Cruz is a Psychologist, and Sex and Relationships Therapist with the Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychology Services. She is also a faculty member of the Department of Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University. Her expertise focuses on Filipino sexual behaviours with an emphasis on sexual pleasure and relationship satisfaction. 

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