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Food to Spark the Romance

While relationships and commitment are serious matters, romance shouldn’t be. In its raw essence, sex should be fun, playful, erotic, wild, and exciting! And so why not put back more fun and fire in the bedroom with something else that brings so much joy to our senses – food!

Aside from the toys and the costumes, food is a great prop and ingredient to get your lustful engines going.

Here are a few of them that you can easily grab from your local market and which you freely enjoy in the bedroom.



This little delightful bite is a common favorite and a go-to when a moment needs to made more romantic. Dip this in chocolate or whipped cream, or even drop one in a chute of champagne. This is sure to add more sweetness to your date nights.



Whether it’s dark, white, milk - who doesn’t like chocolate? Lick this off your partner’s erogenous zones and see how fast it fans the flames of both your desires. It is said that chocolate is an effective aphrodisiac, because it releases feel good chemicals like seratonin into the body, creating that heady feeling of love.



It’s sweet and sticky, and incredibly sexy! Honey does more than just help sweeten your cup of tea, it can also boost your sexual appetite. It’s rich in B vitamins, which are said to support testosterone production, as well as boron, which is linked to female desire. 



Another fruit that’s worth keeping at your bedside table is grapes. This ancient symbol of romance is believed to boost your sex drive and is a wonderful finger food to be enjoyed before “bedtime.”



Though an acquired taste for some, this ingredient finds its place high on the list of erotic foods for good reason. More than its visual similarities – ahem - to our lady bits, oysters increase libido in men as it contains zinc, which is said to increase sperm count.