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Staying Young At Heart And In Love –Top 10 Stylish Places For A Quickie/Afternoon Delight

A quickie. We’ve all had it, we all need it, and those who haven’t tried it yet will certainly be in for a treat when they finally do. It’s essentially done wherever one can find the space (cars in parking lots or overlooking views are a common sight in movies) and whenever one can find the time.



Quickies don’t always have to be spontaneous. If you know that you and your partner have as little as 7 minutes to an hour or so of free time coming up, you can also try and do some planning. After lunch, for example, you can be each other’s dessert. It doesn’t have to be in a cramped janitor’s closet; you can up the ante just by finding a great spot.

The following is a list of ten stylish places for a quickie--specifically, an afternoon delight.


1. Changing Rooms In High-End Clothing Stores

Buying clothes for an upcoming trip or just for the heck of it? Get your partner to “help” you with stubborn buttons or a hard-to-reach zipper. Once safely inside, you can both try each other on for size instead. The cramped space will allow for really intimate movements and grinding. And as a bonus, you can also watch yourselves in the mirror!

2. By a Big Window at Your Office


Always wanted to try outdoor sex but never find the best time or place? Or maybe one (or both of you) has allergies that would make it almost impossible. Well, doing it right by a large glass window--whether at a high-rise office or hotel or your own home--will give you all of the thrill with way less of a risk. Glass absorbs both cold and heat, so a little temperature play can come in as well, making your sexy time more delighful!


3. The Movies

Cliche as it sounds, it’s all in the cinema. Today’s advancements in technology and style mean that some theaters are equipped with comfortably large seats with recliners. If you’re out on a date night and can’t wait for dinner or the walk home, just slide on over to the other seat. Sex doesn’t always have to include penetration, you know? A little fondling here and there under your coats can quickly warm you up for a steamy night ahead.

4. On a Luxury Cruise


Yes, there are first-class cabins on every big cruise. But what about finding other places on the large ship to get it on? If you’re lucky you might even get an entire stretch of deck to yourselves where you can have the added thrill of doing it on the railing. Just try not to go overboard.


5. In a Lighthouse

There’s something about being in a high, essentially secluded tower that affords a sense of mystery--and when that tower is essentially the post holding up a giant light, the “are we going to get caught” thrill stakes are raised substantially. Most lighthouses are essentially abandoned, and even if the one you find doesn’t actually have a light anymore, it’s still quite the spot to get it on during a beach trip.


6. A Four-Poster Canopy Bed


This may require way less impromptu motion and more planning, but there’s something to be said about the subtle yet highly charged energy something as simple as doing it in a fancy bed can bring. It’s classic, mostly associated with beach cabanas and old-school royalty, and it gives one or both of you an extra pole or four to grab onto--or swing from, whichever you prefer.


7. In a Jacuzzi

The sauna is a given and there’s usually one at every gym. Having a jacuzzi, however, is like getting a major upgrade from the standard bathtub. Let the luxe vibe of being in a tub with water jets draw you into a fun time. You can even use the water pulsating out of the jets and let them add to your fun in the moment. Best part is, there’s virtually no cleaning up or tidying up after involved. Go back to your childhood and role play Peter and Lara Jean, perhaps?


8. On a First-Class Flight

There’s the mile high club, then there’s the mile-high club that involves neither squeezing into the plane bathroom nor "sharing a blanket" in the back row. Many airlines now have actual beds on their planes, and, much like the movies, a lot of the high-end seating is now plush and big enough to fit two people who want to cuddle up and then some. Don’t forget to celebrate the deed with a glass of champagne!


9. A Horse-Driven Carriage

Okay, so that sounds more like Cinderella than real life, but the aristocrats of yesteryear went around in buggies when cars were merely figments of the imagination. An unusual ride with a nice steady pace while supposedly on a tour somewhere or simply exploring a new quaint European town is a wonderful place to determine your own pace with each other and explore new heights.


10. A Wine Cellar

Is there anything more romantic than a darkened, temperature-controlled room of alcohol with robust reds and pristine whites? Yes there is: doing the deed in it. Pop open a bottle or two and pop off on (or in!) each other--you can always blame the alcohol later.


Sex is wonderful as it is. Stolen steamy moments in exquisite locations? Makes it more fantastic. So what are you waiting for? Relive those 7 minutes in heaven!