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3 New Ways You Can Travel Smarter

This year, promise yourself you’ll be a smart traveler. Be better prepared to explore the world again with the help of American Express® Explorer™ Credit Card.

Japan, Korea, London, Switzerland, and France are just some of the top destinations that travelers are most excited to go to this year. Yet, while we’re all bent on revenge travel and yearning to get our passports stamped again, traveling in 2023 entails a lot of planning, research, and less of the spontaneity we’ve seen in the past. It can be done, and it has been done, but the key to traveling happily in 2023 is traveling smart. Read on.


Go for longer intervals, instead of just 2-3 days

Plan for a lengthier trip and allow for some flexibility in your itinerary. Rather than just spending 2-3 nights, extend your visit to at least five nights so that you can comfortably take in all the sights during your stay.

You’ll have a better chance of getting more favorable hotel rates and promos with a longer stay, and you may also get to enjoy more activities catered for tourists if your trip stretches over the weekend. If you’re staying at a hotel chain, don’t forget to give them advance notice if you have certain requirements. They’ll prioritize your requests if you’re staying for more than just two nights.


Consider sustainability and your carbon footprint

The world has changed, and in a good way. Most best hotels around the world consider sustainable living as part of their brand objectives. This means from the get-go, you should expect some of these features in your hotels, which might affect the way you’ll pack as well.

For example, some hotels have stopped giving bottled water, and instead will refill reusable bottles. If that’s the case, you’ll be better off bringing your own water bottle for convenience. Hotels now make use of smart showers, room sensors, thermostats that can limit use of electricity, so if you would find that inconvenient, you should consider other accommodations. Hotels can also offer refillable shampoo, conditioner, and soaps, so if you need to bring travel-sized toiletries on-the-go, you should try to bring your own.

By knowing more about where you’ll be staying, you’ll get to enjoy your trip, while also keeping your carbon footprint low.


Upgrade to a travel-centric credit card with travel accident and inconvenience protection

It’s now much easier to travel because of our easy access to currency by way of credit cards, but you have to be smart about it as well. Not all cards are created equal—there are cards that are more suitable for traveling.

The American Express® ExplorerTM Credit Card offers rewards from different airlines, a luxury you won’t get from going with a card centered on just one frequent flyer program. The rewards are anchored on the American Express Membership Rewards®, which provides Cardmembers with more choice, flexibility on what to redeem and they never expire!


You can convert your earned Membership Rewards® Points to miles from six frequent flyer partners and two hotel loyalty programs. These include Mabuhay Miles, Cathay Membership, KrisFlyer, Delta SkyMiles Program, Royal Orchid Plus, Enrich, Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors.

Plus, you can enjoy up to P10M Travel Accident and Inconvenience Coverage and up to P250,000 in purchase protection when you charge your travel tickets to your American Express® Explorer™ Credit Card. Remember, every P40 spend is equal to 1 air mile, so you can quickly raise points to get a free trip or upgrade whenever you use it!

For more details or to apply for the American Express® ExplorerTM Credit Card, visit or go to any BDO branch near you.