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5 Awesome Trips To Take With Your Active Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner and you’re thinking of planning a trip for your good ol’ Dad. You aren’t about to settle for another staycation like you do every year, though. You want to take your Dad on a real adventure. You want to get him out of the house,  up a mountain, out into the great outdoors. But where to take him? We have five expert suggestions.


Treasure Mountain, Rizal



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You’ve heard of the famous sea of clouds, seen from the top of Mount Pulag. You’ve heard of it, but did you know that you can catch it in the mountains of Rizal, a short drive from Metro Manila? Wake Dad up right before the break of day and take him on a drive through Antipolo and over to Treasure Mountain. Sit and watch with him as the morning sun breaks over a riverbed of clouds streaming silently through the hills and peaks of the Sierra Madre.


Mount Makiling, Laguna


If you’re looking for some really good bonding time with Dad, take him over to Mount Makiling. It’s the easiest of drives, just an hour South down to the UPLB campus where the main jumpoff point can be found. Walk with him under the canopies of ancient trees and listen to the countless birds and animals as they cry and swoop about through the undergrowth. Stop by the river here and witness the bubbling mud pools for yourself – but don’t fall in, they’re scalding hot. Top the day off with some lomiin next-door Batangas. Your Dad will love this little commune with Mother Nature.


Taal Volcano, Batangas


Everyone knows Tagaytay is an easy weekend destination thanks to its cool air and proximity to Manila. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous this Father’s Day, however, take Dad down to the lake shore and on a boat ride over to Taal Volcano. The trail to the top is well-trodden, and horses stand at the ready to take those who aren’t physically fit enough for the thirty minute walk up to the summit. Enjoy a buko and breathe in the fresh air at the centre of this geological wonder.


Mount Pinatubo, Tarlac


What was once the epicentre of one of the world’s most explosive natural disasters in recent history is now a stunning paradise not too far from the Metro. Drive up to Tarlac with Dad and take him over to the town of Santa Juliana. A short 4x4 ride across dusty lahar (bring handkerchiefs!) will bring you to the crater, a beautiful alcove of stunningly clear waters and towering cliff faces. Sit on the hood of the 4x4 and listen to the breeze as it cuts through the hills. Your Dad will thank you for taking him on this unique and hidden experience.


Mount Sembrano, Laguna


This one’s for that adventurous Dad of yours, the kind of Dad who’s really itching for a good hike. Take him across the waters of Laguna de Bai to the base of Mount Sembrano, a low dome of a mountain that stands like a sentinel above Metro Manila. An easy three hour climb up and you and your Dad’ll be treated to a view of the bustling metropolis quite unlike any other view. Sleep beneath the stars and spend some quality time with your Dad in this distant place that’s really not as distant as it seems.

There are plenty of things to do in this wild little country of ours this coming Father’s Day. There are countless mountains to climb, countless beaches and lakes and waterfalls to visit. Countless adventures to go on, but maybe for another Father’s Day. Give these five hikes a try first, and spend your day with Dad in the very heart of Mother Nature.