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5 Local Destinations Perfect For Rainy Weather Travel

It’s started to look like sunny days are going to be few and far between for the coming months, but let this not be a reason to tuck your travel bags to the far end of your closet. Monsoon season traveling offers its own share of magic. If summer holidays are all about jump shots by the shore with the girls, rainy days bring in a little drama, mystery and intimacy. You may want to book a trip with a special friend, or go it alone and make this an opportunity to catch up with your thoughts.

Here are five destinations perfect for these days of raincoats and warm blankets.






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This one’s a bit of a classic daytrip destination. To Metro Manila folks, it’s the easiest way to make the most of this sudden dip in temperature. Fog and cloud hang thick in the Tagaytay sky during this time of the year, and the air is nice and cold. Put on your warmest clothing and get yourself some warm bulalo, or a cup of coffee at Bag of Beans, and you’ll find yourself coolly comfortable in this sweet little weekend getaway.




If Tagaytay’s a little too close to the city to count as an adventure, get a bus ticket or fuel up your car and take yourself over to the enchanting heights of Ifugao. You’ll forget all your worries once you catch sight of the clouds as they roll in over the famous rice terraces of Banaue. If you’re feeling a little too cold, you can take a nice, warm dip at one of the province’s famous hot springs before hiding away in one of the many lodges for a relaxing evening indoors.






You’d think the rainy season is the best time to avoid the beach, but Siargao is arguably at its best when the downpour starts coming in strong. The surf is at its wildest on stormy weather. If you’re feeling brave and more than a little confident in your surfing prowess, bring yourself over to the famous Cloud 9 beach in Siargao and catch yourself some wild breakers. But best to do this with a pro with you. Or just watch the pros do it while you nurse a bottle of craft beer.





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Speaking of beaches, you might want to bring yourself over to Palawan once the first rains begin to fall. Storms rarely hit this Western province, although rains do fall here occasionally. Hop on a boat and go exploring on those few sunny days. Every other day, sit back in one of Palawan’s many cozy hotels and watch as the rains fall in sheets over limestone cliffs in landscapes stolen right out of a fairy tale.





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If you’re well-versed in Philippine mythology and the provinces of this archipelago, you might have heard that Siquijor is a place of magic. Waterfalls and cave systems call out to the curious traveller and are made more magical under the curtain of the coming rains. Come sit under the shade of a balete tree or trek through the forests of Mt. Bandilaan National Park and let the rains guide your spirit through Siquijor.


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