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7 Luxury Campsites From Around The World That Will Forever Change What You Think About The Outdoor Activity

So you want to go camping to experience the great outdoors for its fresh air, unobstructed views of the sunset and sunrise, lush foliage all around, and that meditative vibe city folks can only dream of. Only, the thought of aggressive mosquitoes, pitching your own tent, and the absence of a proper bathroom is enough to deter you from ever pushing through with a camping trip — and finding willing companions!

Allow us to inform you that creative minds and innovative builders from around the world have picked up on your camping wish lists. They'll gladly offer you the best of both worlds when it comes to the misperceived outdoor activity: modern comforts paired with the pure beauty of the great outdoors. 

For your camping trip that'll finally materialize, here are seven luxury campsites from around the world:


Tree Hotel, Sweden

While not exactly a "hotel," this one-of-a-kind encounter with Sweden's pristine temperate forests is something you will cherish for your entire life. The Tree Hotel offers guests the chance to sleep in "mirror cubes" suspended from trees. Each cube is perfectly camouflaged in the environment and therefore attracts all the friendly critters from the area to say hello. Visit sometime between March to September and you may just get the dancing Northern Lights. 



Treebones Resort, California 

Feel the ocean breeze just as the birds who freely zip from tree to tree do in this campsite featuring birds nest-inspired "tents" designed by American artist, Jayson Fann. The campsite does feature traditional bungalows for the more conservative camper, but what lures guests are definitely the human-sized birds’ nests perfect for a cozy retreat for two. Sleep on a plush futon mattress and get toasty under a thick comforter while watching the ebbing waves of the nearby beach. 



Whitepod, Switzerland

Uniquely beautiful all year round, Whitepod in Switzerland features generously spaced igloos seated on a hill with an almost unreal Alpine view. A blanket of snow envelopes guests that visit in the fall and winter, while green grass and blue skies as far as the eye can see welcome those that check-in during summer and winter. Best of all, this five-star campsite offers outdoor activities for those that want to explore the area: mountain walks, paragliding, and horseback riding the summer, and skiing and dog-sleds in the winter. 



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Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada

Known for their love of nature and eco-friendly ways, Canadians can pretty much be considered the experts in outdoor camping! Just check out the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort that proves everything you know about Canadian wilderness right — it's not just great; it's absolutely breathtaking. Rustic canvas tents designed to evoke vintage and modern sensibilities are situated in a spacious grassy plane surrounded by tall pines. Make sure to take deep breaths when you visit as the air here is as fresh as it gets. 



Lanzarote Retreats, Spain 

North, south, east, and west — look any direction and all you'll see are clear blue skies and deep aqua ocean at this Spanish beachside campsite that's a dream for the sun-loving camper. Being more like a relaxing surfers' village where everyone is friendly than an isolated retreat, guests visit this popular Spanish getaway to meet new people from all over the world and experience the myriad of water and beach sports offered. 



Entamanu Ngorongoro, Tanzania

While one does not usually think of camping in Tanzania as a dream holiday, the Entamanu Ngorongoro campsite will surely be more than enough to change your mind. A visit here will turn you into a better-informed traveler and one of the few people who can say they've slept and lived in the company of Africa's most regal animals, all thanks to world-class accommodations. Book a stay in this safari-camping hybrid resort and experience new cuisines as well as authentic encounters with Tanzania's local tribes people and culture. 



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Emma Gorge Resort, Australia 

The philosophy behind the Emma Gorge Resort is simple: you don't need accommodations with a lengthy list of amenities when the view outside is as spectacular as this. For those looking to go beyond Australia's urban attractions, consider this campsite that lets you sleep to the sound of leaves harmonizing with the distant sound of chirping crickets, then wake up to the calming sound of a trickling waterfall that splashes into an aquamarine pool of the freshest water. Now, this is the life. 


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