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Live Out Your Own Anne Of Green Gables Fantasy At Prince Edward Island

Bookworms, travel junkies, and foodies will love this Canadian paradise!

Anne of Green Gables is one of the classics, a must-read for many young girls who found solace in the arms of their books. It’s written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908, and is set in the fictional town of Avonlea. Since its publication, Anne of Green Gables has sold more than 50 million copies all over the world, and has been adapted into films, stage productions, and even a television series.

The beauty of the fictional town of Avonlea has drawn many people to this series; and if you want to live out your own Anne of Green Gables fantasy, you have to go straight to the province that Avonlea is inspired by: Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada in both land area and population. But what it lacks in size, it compensates for in its astounding landscapes, beautiful rock formations, breathtaking seas, and mouthwatering seafood.

Its natural beauty withstanding, the success of the Anne of Green Gables novel brought waves of curious tourists to the province every year. And Prince Edward Island has fully embraced that, offering tourist spots and destinations related to and inspired by the novel.

If you’re interested to have your own Anne of Green Gables experience, here are some highlights from Prince Edward Island’s offerings.

Green Gables Heritage Place

It all starts at the Green Gables Heritage Place, located in the town of Cavendish where the author, L.M. Montgomery was born and raised in. Green Gables is located at Prince Edward Island National Park, and is open only from May to October. Most tourists visit from July to August, when there are interpretative activities ongoing.

Inside, you’ll get to know more about the story of L.M. Montgomery and her famous heroine, Anne Shirley. You’ll get to tour the original house, see the 19th century gardens, farmyard, and enjoy the walking trails—including the Haunted Wood and Lovers Lane

The Haunted Wood trail is an easy 30-some minutes walk, where you start at the Lovers Lane, follow the brook through the forest, and end up at the cemetery where L.M. Montgomery is buried. The trail is not as spooky as it sounds, but rather a nice peaceful walk where you can enjoy nature.

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Anne of Green Gables Museum

There’s also a separate museum dedicated solely to the novel and to other works by L.M. Montgomery. The museum was actually the Campbell Home, where her Uncle John and Aunt Annie lived. She called this home in the book “a big white beautiful house smothered in orchards that was the wonder castle of my childhood.”

The museum is also home to the Lake of Shining Waters, which was born in the novel when Anne closed her eyes and clasped her hands. Get transported to Anne’s world as you enjoy a Matthews Carriage Ride, a 30-minute to one-hour horse-drawn carriage ride, which starts at the museum, continuing through the beautiful flower gardens, and then by the Lake of Shining Waters.  

Anne of Green Gables: The Musical

Charlottetown Festival is a celebration of Canadian performing arts held every year in Prince Edward Island. Held sometime between June to October, reruns of the Anne of Green Gables: The Musical are held in one of the four stages operated by Confederation Centre of the Arts. In fact, the Anne of Green Gables: The Musical was awarded by the Guinness World Records as the longest running annual musical, returning this 2020 for its 56th consecutive summer. This year, the musical will be held throughout June to September.

Check out the musical landing page at the Tourism PEI website for schedules.

Food and delicacies

Anne also once said that there is nothing more delectable than ice cream—so if you’re at Prince Edward Island, try Canada’s best cow’s ice cream from Cow’s Creamery. There are also free self-guided tours at the factory, where you can get a look up-close at how they make their ice cream and cheese.

Apart from ice cream and cheese, one thing that Prince Edward Island is proud of is their top-quality lobsters, shellfish, oysters, and more. With more than 1,000 kilometers of coastline, the province is home to the best of the North Atlantic Ocean’s seafood.

And when it comes to seafood, Prince Edward Island has one of the best lobster-eating cultures in the world. Chef Sandy Daza, who went to Prince Edward Island for his Metro Channel show FoodPrints, witnessed firsthand how locals eat their lobsters.

During his visit, he found out that some decades back, lobsters were actually the food of the poor in the province. As time passed, it slowly became one of the foundations of the province’s food and tourism industry when the church started raising funds through lobster suppers. Now, tourists can partake in these lobster suppers in various restaurants and establishments around Prince Edward Island. But take note, lobster season is only held from May to June and August to October, so plan your trip accordingly.
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Want to experience and taste more of Prince Edward Island? Stay tuned to a brand new episode of FoodPrints, where Chef Sandy Daza arrives in time for the International Shellfish Festival in Prince Edward Island. Episode premieres on Saturday, March 28, 8 p.m., on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.