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Discovering The Beauty Under The Waters Of Romblon

Boracay’s neighbor is just as beautiful—and is filled with water wonders.

Romblon is home to many islands, caves, and beautiful waters that offer scenic spots and freediving opportunities. And Beached took the opportunity to explore the islands and waters of the province teeming with flora and fauna.

There can be so many things to do in Romblon, from marble hunting and carving, to experiencing the only zipline in the Philippines that goes from one island to another. But the real gems of Romblon lie under its waters, where Beached hosts Marc Nelson and Rachel Peters headed to.



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Cathedral Cave and Cliff

Located in Carabao Island, the Cathedral cave and cliff is a spelunking and cliff diving spot for the adventurous. Marc and Rachel joined a guided spelunking tour down Cathedral cave, which can be a bit tiring and hot, but once you get down, you’ll be greeted with a nice area where you can wash off with cool waters.

Above the caves are diving spots, which, of course, Marc had to try.



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Blue Hole

Romblon’s Blue hole is located at the very north of Tablas Island. According to Deo, one of the frequent divers in the area, it’s called as such because it goes down so deep that up in the sky, it looks like a hole in the ocean.

There are many holes in the area, some as wide as 100 meters and as deep as 400 meters. But for amateurs and beginners, there’s a “baby hole” that’s 10 meters wide and 37 meters deep.

Rachel and Marc explore the Blue Hole freediving, and got to see corals and fishes. Freediving in something as deep might require previous lessons, which Rachel said she should’ve taken before coming on the trip. Marc, however, got as deep as 11.8 meters—pretty impressive for a freedive!



Looc Marine Sanctuary

Looc Bay Marine Refuge and Sanctuary is a protected marine area established in 1999, home to hundreds of different sea species and animals. This makes it a prime spot for interacting with fish since the floating shelter has openings in the floor where guests can take a look at them.

For the more adventurous spirits like Marc and Rachel, they can put on their snorkeling gear and explore the waters. There is abundant fish life around the shelter, and a bounty of giant clams to check out.



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Cobrador Island

Undeniably the highlight of Marc and Rachel’s trip is Cobrador Island, around 40 minutes by boat from Romblon island. The white sand beach is also popular for being an emerging giant turtle sanctuary, where guests can swim freely with giant turtles.

Cobrador Island is a “no plastic” community, with a strict waste management system in place. They try to maintain the cleanliness in the island to preserve its colorful diving sites and protect the sea creatures living in the area.

If you’re lucky, you can get up close with endangered turtles like the Hawkbill Sea turtles and Olive Ridley Sea turtles. Marc and Rachel got a bit lucky and were able to swim with a couple of Green Sea turtles who were happily nibbling on the sea grass.



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