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Canada Is No Longer Just A Place To Migrate To But A Top Travel Destination—Here’s Why

Many Filipinos think of Canada and attach it with welfare and migration and a better quality of life. But as a place for their next holiday? Hardly, unless they’re off to visit kin who have established themselves there. And yet at the end of 2017, the New York Times listed Canada as the top travel destination of the year. Citing a stable society and festivities lined up for the country’s sesquicentennial, NYT also mentioned a bristling metropolitan scene and a breathtaking boreal countryside. The hype for Canadian travel has continued into 2018, with the Canadian tourism market marching steadily upward. You don’t have to live in Canada to enjoy its bounty. Consider the following points and you might just find yourself on a flight to North America for your next holiday.

Canada possesses an understated urbanity. The cities of Canada boast a certain classy urbanity that tends to fall beneath the radar of most travellers. Toronto, for example, is a modern masterpiece of bike lanes, green spaces and live performances everywhere you turn. For those looking for a refined Parisian experience beyond the European continent, the city of Montreal offers cobble-stone walkways and roadside cafes. These betray the city’s French connection. Beyond parklands and high culture, however, the Canadian metropolis is also a place of fun. Pass by Calgary for the famous Calgary Stampede, a weeklong variety show extravaganza, or head over to Vancouver to enjoy Pacific seas and summer sun at Canadian altitudes.



It offers loads of fanfare and festival fun. Speaking of the Calgary Stampede, there’s a whole roster of happening events planned for this year, starting July 28 and ending August 4 which is the Celebration of Light, the world’s biggest fireworks show held in the city of Vancouver. Fans of folk music will find much to enjoy at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival in Gallagher Park from August 9 to 12. The world-famous Toronto International Film Festival is happening from September 6 to 16 and the Celtic Colours International Festival is happening from the 5th to the 13th of October. There are festivities for everyone, from cinephiles to music lovers to firework enthusiasts, so make sure you check them out.




It takes pride in its cold countryside and unbeatable views. Beyond the cities lie the Canadian countryside, a place of grand vistas that has been drawing tourists in from across the globe. The torrential waters of the Niagara Falls are known across the globe, but look past them and you’ll find treasure: the snowy ski slopes of the town of Whistler, for example, or the crystalline lakes of Banff, or even the grassy wilderness of Gros Morne National Park. The Rockies terminate here, in the province of British Columbia, promising fantastic panoramas of powder-capped peaks. The pine trees and alpine heights of the Canadian outback beckon the mind to wander.



The people, it’s true, are very friendly. NYT goes on to talk about the friendliness of the Canadian people, a characteristic well-recognized by tourists from across the globe. Canada’s population is reputably diverse and progressive, with people of all sorts of international heritage living together harmoniously. This friendliness is especially beneficial to the traveler picking her way across this Northern frontier. One will find the Canadians exceptionally polite and approachable, laid-back, relaxed and friendly to those who have lost their way.

Usually, when people talk about Canada, they talk about settling down and starting a life in this place of good schools and excellent public healthcare. While it’s certainly a great place to live, you don’t have to do anything as drastic as uprooting your life and moving up North to partake in the Canadian experience. From the cities to the countryside and the bright-eyed people who populate its wide acres and vibrant, multicultural streets, Canada is the cold getaway you ought to consider.



Where to Stay: Those in need of luxury accommodations may check in at The Ritz-Carlton in Montreal. Expect fantastic service at The Adelaide Hotel, Toronto, while those looking for a rugged yet refined experience should head over to the Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland.





Photo by @earth.offline