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Detox and Get Pampered: Around-The-World Style

The work has gotten too toxic, at home is just too stressful, your boyfriend has become too pressuring, and the metro is just driving you nuts! There’s always a good reason to pack your bags, unplug, and recharge your chi, away from the noise and the chaos of the metro. If you’re looking to book a travel to UK, Spain, India, or Thailand in the next months, here are some great detox and pampering places that you should include in your itinerary. Treat yourself, be good to your body; and it, too, will be good to you.


Chewton Glen Hotel – UK, Hampshire


If you're looking for a marriage of luxury and old world country-style relaxation, this hidden gem tucked in Hampshire should be your next destination. Lush greens and blooming flora always bring a relaxing mood. Experience oneness with nature without sacrificing luxury with Chewton's hotel rooms that come with balconies and refreshing garden views.

For non-strenuous and relaxing activities, there are tennis courts and a golf course, both indoor and outdoor, clay pigeon shooting, and even duck herding!

For the ultimate calming experience, their spa amenities include a steam room, hydrotherapy spa pool, aromatherapy saunas, and an extensive range of treatments and holistic therapies.


Ananda in the Himalayas – Narendranagar, India


Experience an oriental and Asian approach to relaxation and body healing with the property's various spa treatments and wellness programs. Find the perfect balance and harmony in your body’s energy with Ananda’s wellness approach that integrates traditional Ayurveda, yoga, and Vedanta with international wellness experiences, fitness, and healthy organic cuisine. Set a wellness goal—may it be to de-stress, detox, lose weight, or alleviate physical ailments such as diabetes, allergies, asthma, and more—and Ananda has a tailor-fitted experience for you.

Ananda in The Himalayas is positioned perfectly at the foothills of the renowned Himalayas and gives a beautiful overlooking view of the holy Ganges River. Get to enjoy the peace and quiet and find a spot to meditate.


Sha Wellness Clinic – Albir, Spain


There's no skimping on luxury and chill at the Sha Wellness Clinic, with over 6,000 sqm of facilities and breathtaking panoramic views of the Costa Blanca coastline and countryside.

The complex takes wellness on a whole new level since it offers more than a weekend getaway. There are over 80 treatment rooms of top-of-the-line facilities that offers solutions on anti-aging, anti-stress, weight loss, beauty, and detox treatments. Western meets Oriental when it comes to the spa treatments and methods used in their programs. And their signature “Sha method” incorporates a holistic take on rejuvenating the guests’ well-being, which includes healthy nutrition via their delicious and healthy food offerings, natural therapies, aesthetic medicine that brings back the glow and shine of your skin and body, and education programs on several techniques like yoga, meditation, and tai chi, and even healthy cooking.


W Retreat – Koh Samui, Thailand


Your own beachfront, your own private villa, and your own private pool. What is more relaxing than curling your toes under fine white sand while bathing under the glorious sunlight?

Apart from the stunning views and the quiet hum of nature, the W features essential oil massage treatments and herbal baths at their signature spa, and classes on yoga, muay thai, and water aerobic at the gym area. After a long day at the beach and the spa, unwind at the open-air sunset bar and savor the quiet and the freshness that you so deserve.

Oh, and did we forget to mention you’ll definitely love their infinity pool?