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Discover The Tunnel Of Light In Tiendesitas


While we might not have snow, there are so many other things that we look forward to during the holidays here in the Philippines – the Noche Buena feasts, Simbang Gabi, puto bumbong and bibingka, and of course, the brightly colored parols and glittering lights. Nothing lifts the spirits and inspires so much awe as a beautifully lit Christmas tree and the entire city swathed in brilliant, twinkling lights.

This Christmas, if you’re seeking a place to bring your family and friends for a night of mesmerizing lights, music and picture-taking, head to the Christmas Street Light Musical Tunnel in Pasig City near Tiendesitas. See the whole stretch alit in vivid and vibrant color!

The Street Light Musical Tunnel makes use of thousands of LED bulbs to create a dense “galaxy of stars,” and you can make your way across the “universe,” spending a leisurely night taking photos on your camera.

Bringing more joy to the passersby, you can catch the light show held every 30 minutes, starting 6pm until 10 pm. It’s a delightful performance where the Christmas lights “dance” to a perfectly choreographed number. Don’t be afraid to sing along to the carols and drop by every night with friends and family as the show runs until January 7.

Every Saturday of December, at 7pm, be rewarded further with another treat as the night sky becomes a canvas for the colorful fireworks display. See your kids’ eyes grow in wonder at the amazing spectacle!  

Of course, while in the area, as you finish up your Christmas shopping, check out the other fun Christmas activities at Tiendesitas such as the meet-and-greet with Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Simbang Gabi.

This Christmas, you don’t have to travel far to find a place to bond with friends and loved ones. You already have it, found right in the heart of Pasig City.