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Find Out Where "EIC On The Move" Host Raul Manzano Stayed At In Palawan

Coron remains as one of the Philippines’ most beautiful and treasured gems—an island filled with lush greens, white sand, and sparkling blue seas. And what better way to experience the beauty of Coron than by staying in its most luxurious and nature-attached resort, Club Paradise Palawan?

EIC on the Move host Raul Manzano visited Club Paradise Palawan and experienced first-hand the beauty, the service, and the wonders the island and the hotel have to offer.


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The island life

Club Paradise Palawan sits in the middle of the water, on the Dimakya Island in Coron. Because it is separated from the rest of Palawan, it takes two hours to get to the resort. But once you get there, you are whisked to a paradise that is quiet, in the midst of nature, and is almost heavenly.

The island life really is at the center of the Club Paradise Palawan experience. The spa, food, and drinks can all be enjoyed in cabanas right across the beach. The beach itself is a magnificent beauty, with 700 meters of Boracay-like white sand and pristine waters.


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From Club Paradise Palawan, a few more minutes will take you to the neighboring Malpagalen Island, Dimalanta Island, and Diatoy Island. Depending on which island you decide to visit, you can get the chance to snorkel and explore the rich biodiversity, frolic among the trees and the flowers, or stand in awe at the majestic rocky cliffs and sand bar.


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The food

The food is scrumptious, exotic, and bountiful, and Raul experienced all the resort's spicy and fresh seafood offerings.

At Diatoy Island, Raul was greeted with a bounty of food that’s served boodle fight-style, for sharing in long banana leaves. Club Paradise Palawan’s hotel manager Joegil Escobar joined him for the feast.



If you’re curious about the food, Club Paradise Palawan has a special menu that offers authentic Thai cuisine. The resort’s chef, Alex Atthasarn, joined Raul and even taught him how to cook some of the signature dishes in their menu.



Some of the must-tries in the menu are red curry prawn with Thai basil and coconut milk, chili crabs, longganisa fried rice, and sweet and sour Lapu-lapu with chili sauce.




The relaxing atmosphere

The relaxing and quiet atmosphere at Club Paradise Palawan comes easily, thanks to the harmony of the elements and the resort hotel’s careful orchestration of amenities and facilities.

To amp up the relaxation levels, enjoy a special Asian bamboo massage by the beach; it's a massage therapy that incorporates deep tissue massage and the use of pure coconut oil from the resort's Glow Spa.



If you’ve also spent too much time under the sun, you’d want to try their cucumber mint wrap especially made for sunburnt and sensitive skin, which Raul swears by.



For a nightcap, don’t forget to enjoy a drink or two at the Dugong bar by the pool. A must-try: The EIC, a special drink made for Raul, the editor-in-chief of Metro Society magazine.



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