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Unwind And Relax In This Exclusive Women-Only Island In Finland

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to stay and relax at the fictional island of Themyscira, the all-female home of Wonder Woman? Because of this woman, you won’t have to wonder any more.

Entrepreneur Kristina Roth, founder of the SuperShe brand, is taking her business to a whole new level with SuperShe Island, an exclusive island retreat off the coast of Finland. The island is beautiful, the villas are luxurious, the ambiance is chill and relaxing—and the best part of it, there are no men around.



“When there was a cute guy, women would put on lipstick,” Roth tells The Post. “The idea [at SuperShe island] is, ‘Hey, focus on yourself; don’t try to get your hormones up.”

Roth’s vision for the SuperShe island is an escape for inspiring and energetic women who wants to take a break from the men-dominated world. Roth herself came from a demanding, men-driven environment as a former CEO of a consultancy business. When she started traveling the world and focusing on that, she found that taking time off from all the male hormones and surrounding herself with women who shared the same passions and ideals did good for her.

In fact, Roth emphasizes that she is not a man-hater. It was her boyfriend that introduced the island to her and urged her to buy it. Roth says she fell in love with the island almost immediately and she wants to share that experience with the women of the world.


SuperShe island is hidden in an archipelago in the Baltic Sea


Roth also emphasized that SuperShe island is a retreat for all kinds of women—women from the LGBT community, those who identify as women, and women of all shapes and sizes. The only requirement for her is to keep the island “without sexual tension, meaning you just come and you just want to chill.”

Right now, SuperShe Island is taking applications for membership when it starts accepting guests in July. When it opens, it will be able to accommodate 10 people in four huge luxurious cabins filled with wellness activities and options, and opportunities for bonding.


SuperShe embodies luxury


"We're the average of the five people we surround ourselves with,” says Roth. “And my philosophy is if you surround yourself with amazing women—and if you can bring together amazing women globally—then you're going to be the average of that group."

Roth also hopes that on top of promoting the value of women hanging out with other women who “nurture each other's dreams and desires,” she wants SuperShe island to be able to highlight the beauty of Finland.


Kristina Roth


"Seeing how much positive feedback I received through the island, and it's not even open yet, I'm very excited to take this global," Roth adds. "I know that I'm on the right track, that I really am craving something that's needed and wanted.”


Images from SuperShe