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Julie Jalandoni-Boschi Shares With Us How a Trip with Friends Opened Her Eyes, Mind, and Heart to the Beauty and Thrill of the Unknown

Julie Jalandoni-Boschi, who bears an innate love for food and entertaining, has her love for travel and leisure seamlessly integrated into her professional and family life. Jalandoni-Boschi has always had a penchant for travel, going to hubs in Asia such as Hong Kong and Singapore, and exploring as far as France and Italy on her own. She reveals that even then, she would always feel a rush of empowerment whenever she traveled.  


“Personally, I think everyone, especially women, should experience traveling alone. Traveling enables one to see the world with fresh eyes. It refreshes my soul and keeps me excited, inspired. I love how diverse people are, yet so much alike.”

Her interest in experiencing the rest of the world grew when she married Italian Gabriele Boschi of Brand Gateway, Inc., and occasional trips to Italy and the rest of Europe grew more frequent. Now, with four children between the ages of four to 21, she carefully picks their destinations, prioritizing safety before assessing the sights and experiences their entire family will enjoy. “Traveling is our biggest expense and luxury. We would rather do without the designer bags, clothes, and other indulgences, because we believe that travel is much more enriching—and that’s what we would like to impart to our kids. We get to educate them outside the classroom, teach them to be open to all things, be adventurous, tolerant, patient, and resourceful,” she shares. Aside from the annual trips with their children, the Boschis make it a point to go on at least one trip as a couple to focus on each other, to experience new things together, meet new people, get fresh ideas for business, and reconnect. They likewise travel with a group of married couples who also love travel. Apart from their travels for work and business, they make it a point to travel without the other and have friends as travel companions on at least one trip a year.

Fresh from a 10-day trip to Phuket, Thailand with her husband, Jalandoni-Boschi told us stories, and shared photographs and treats from her recent 10-day trip to the Mediterranean.

She and six friends booked a trip and flew to Turkey, hoping to veer away from their usual destinations. Little did they know that they would have an adventure that would not just surpass their expectations, but will also make them want to go back.


Their guided tour took them first to the bustling city of Istanbul, where they immersed in the vibrant culture and rich history of Turkey. They took in the incredibly photogenic Blue Mosque, the history surrounding the grand Hippodrome, the mosaics in Chora Church, the subterranean Byzantine Basilica Cistern, and other architectural wonders. Touring the old city, they learned and saw what has attracted conquerors, such as Julius Caesar, to Istanbul and the rest of Turkey. Each mosque, temple, ruin, or street, brought them back to the past and made them understand and appreciate their surroundings more. “The whole country is just so beautiful and this is coming from someone who does not like roughing it up,” she confesses. Seeing so many places she wouldn’t intentionally plan to go to, such as the desert, she was surprised at how she thoroughly enjoyed herself, even walking barefoot on desert sand. She concludes that Turkey is a good place to transition from being a creature of comfort to a more adventurous one. 


She recalls with delight the ancient bazaars of Istanbul, the amazing scenery on the Bosphorus River, the soaring limestone mountains in Cappadocia, the awe-inspiring town and calcite formations of Pamukkale, the grand ruins of Ephesus, the diverse Turkish cuisine comprised of kebabs, baklava, Turkish coffee and tea, and other Turkish pastries and delights. The Turks are generally welcoming and hospitable, surprisingly friendly and eager to entertain, and it was easy for Julie and the rest of their group to relax and take the adventure-laden trip in stride. Spending 10 wonderful days in Turkey, Jalandoni-Boschi learned that by experiencing their traditions and ways of living in the past, and learning their current practices, deepened her understanding not just of the country, but of its people as well. “They are such a courteous, respectful and beautiful people. It’s so unfortunate that there’s conflict in Turkey, and I’m very much looking forward to being able to bring my family there when the friction subsides, so my husband and my children can see and experience the country’s beauty.”


A longer version of this article was published in Metro Society May 2016 issue