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Lonely Planet Chose Seville As Top City To Visit This 2018, And We Know The Reasons Why

Spain is the country of love and wine, a place of temperate winds, sun-baked meadows and siestas by the window sill. In the South of Spain is the province of Andalusia, a dreamlike land taken right from the pages of the most fabulous fairy tales. The capital of this summer fantasy, replete with red bricks and minarets, is the most romantic city of Seville.

You may know Seville from the Star Wars movies, where it was used as the capital city of the planet Naboo. It’s a little North of the province of Cadiz and the Gibraltar Strait and sits in the plains surrounding the river of Guadalquivir. Touted as Lonely Planet’s top city to visit in 2018, it has once again seized the attention of the international community, well-earned for its sheer beauty and sizzling soirees.

Stepping into Seville is like walking right into the past. Many of the structures that line the streets, from stories-high temples to the quiet abodes of everyday citizens, have gone seemingly untouched from a time when Seville served as a hub city of the Moorish empire. The Real Alcazar of Seville has stood mighty since the 10th century, its studded walls and summer gardens a beautiful mix of both Mudejar and Christian sensibilities. The latter culture has stunning prevalence throughout the city, with the Catedrilla de Seville & Giralda existing as a mighty Gothic marker of the cities’ enchanting past and current Catholic situation.




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Interspersed among the many fantastical buildings scattered throughout Seville is a patchwork of streets and plazas for you to enjoy a nice afternoon walk. The Plaza de Espana, located within the Parque de Maria Luisa, is one such place, a sprawl of yellow stone pavement, intricate buildings and Venetian bridges spanning small canals. You can spend the day here, relaxing in the sun with a book and good wine, or you can wander down the winding city streets in search of fun and good tapas.




Speaking of tapas and a good time, Seville’s nightlife is a throbbing dance of old-timey and contemporary culture, as vibrant as any other city despite its old-town feels and ancient architecture. The provinces of Andalusia are known for the flamenco, and whole bars are dedicated to this famous Spanish folk dance. Head down Calle Beltis along the Guadalquivir for tapas bars and discos, or head down to Alfalfa or Alameda for wild times and ceaseless parties. Escape from the noise and find peace and quiet from atop the Metropol Parasol, a winding causeway that dips and ebbs up above the city streets. Soak in the city lights of Seville as you while the wee hours away.




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If you’re looking for fun times in the land of siestas and sunny romance, Seville is where you need to be. Past rubs shoulders with the present in a colorful dance, the stories of old Spain interwoven into the bricks of ancient streets now resplendent with city lights and a nightlife unique to Andalusia. Get drunk and dance down the cobbled roads of Seville, and enjoy a dreamland experience quite unlike any other.


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