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6 Tips To Make Your Travel Flat Lay More Instagram-Worthy


Every social-media savvy millennial with an Instagram account takes great pride in curating their photos. Often, we can easily spend hours scrolling through our feeds admiring the beautiful photos of others.

While it takes certain skill to master the perfect selfie – finding the right light to identifying your angles – so, too, is there an art to creating the perfect flatlay.

Here we share a few tips to make your snaps more Instagram-worthy!


1. Curate, not clutter

While a flatlay features several pieces, that doesn’t mean you should allow it to look cluttered! No! To make sure that your flatlay makes “sense,” group items according to theme – by color, by mood, or by moment. Then space them out.

For starters, if you’re still feeling your way into flatlays, you can try grouping items by color palette or lay them out symmetrically for visual balance.


2. Dont' go bold the background

Carefully curate your items and help them pop out by placing them on a background that isn’t too distracting. Simple backgrounds such as flatboards, marble tiles, rugs or even just plain bed sheets allow the eyes to focus on the products at hand.


3. Color scheme for the win

What makes a truly visually appealing flat lay is the harmony of colors and balance. When shooting your flatlay, it’s important to choose a color scheme that brings together everything. You can try monochromatic, family shades, or earth tones, and work your way up to mastering bolder contrasts.


4. Let the light shine

You don’t need professional studio lights to make your flatlay stand out. Set up by a window where natural light can flow in, and enjoy a filter-free, but picture-perfect snap! The best time to shoot is mid-morning and later in the afternoon, when the sunlight isn’t too harsh.


5. More snaps, more options

Nothing is ever perfect at the start so feel free to experiment! Move around items, edit your collection, or even add on more props to spruce up your layout.


6. Props to you!

If you’re really into flatlays, you may also want to invest in little props that you can easily pull out when you need to inject color or texture into a photo. Must-haves: faux fur, dainty flowers, books, interesting knick-knacks and even succulents.