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7 Movie And TV-Themed Hotel Suites That Will Make You Feel Like A Star

For discerning travelers, accommodation is always the first to consider in travel checklists. And for fans of pop culture, movies, and Netflix, they would surely never pass up on the chance to relive their favorite shows and movies when there’s an opportunity.

These gorgeous television show and movie-themed hotel suites will redefine your vacation (or staycation) and elevate it to a whole new level of luxurious experience.   


Agent Secret Suite

What is a better spy movie than the James Bond series? To give homage to the luxurious taste of Secret Agent 007, Seven Hotel Paris offers an Agent Secret Suite that’s designed to marry the vintage chic and futuristic design that brings you back to your favorite James Bond scene.

Where it’s located: Seven Hotel Paris, 20, rue Berthollet, 75005, Paris, France

Egyptian Suite

The Roxbury has a variety of themed rooms from something straight out of space to something for the Wizard of Oz fans. But our favorite is their standalone cottage called “The Digs,” which features three bedrooms, a full gourmet kitchen, an expansive living room and bar area, and a variety of gems that whisk you back to the 1963 Cleopatra film.

Where it’s located: The Roxbury, 2258 County Highway 41, Roxbury, New York



Wizard’s Chamber

When you’re in Central London, complete your Harry Potter experience by visiting this quaint boutique B&B. The Georgian House Hotel has been offering bed and breakfast since 1851 but it is only recently when they decided to add four Harry Potter-themed rooms to their roster. The rooms are varied and give a unique experience each time but the queues are long for this one since it can take up to a month to book a reservation.

Where it’s located: Georgian House, 35 - 39 St Georges Drive, London

A Race In Space

If you’re headed to Denver for a hiking trip or an off-the-road vacation, why not check out The Curtis’ themed suites? The Curtis has a couple of themed guest suites but our absolute favorites are their Talladega Nights-themed suite, a homage to NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby and his witty antics, and the sleek Star Trek suite, complete with a full wall of the original Star Trek cast.

Where it’s located: The Curtis Denver, 1405 Curtis Street, Denver, Colorado



Lord Vader’s Quarters

Hotel Pelirocco is home to rock and music events and various themed rooms that suit every music and pop fan. If you’re going geeky, check out Pelirocco’s geekiest suite: Lord Vader’s Quarters. The room is a twin room with bunk beds complete with Darth Vader costume, light sabers, authentic Star Wars memorabilia, and DVDs.

Where it’s located: Hotel Pelirocco, 10 Regency Square, Brighton, London, England



The Wonderland

Checking in to this boutique hotel is like stepping into Wonderland. The Wonderland House offers a variety of rooms from Alice’s Room and The Tweedles’ Room to the Madhatter Room and the Queen of Hearts Room! Every space is filled with Alice in Wonderland décor and inspirations, and you’ll never tire of the quirky but spick-and-span atmosphere.

Where it’s located: The Wonderland House, Bedford Street, Brighton, England

The Batman Suite

This may not be the best suite to book when you’re traveling with kids but it’s such a good room to pass! This room at the Eden Motel is booked by the hour so you most likely know what it’s booked for. But look at the attention to detail in the creation of this room from the headboard to the ceiling to the life-sized bat mobile—it’s really every Batman fan's dream.

Where it’s located: Eden Exoticism Planet Hotel, No. 1685, Yucheng Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan