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Six Stunning AirBnb Houses In Bohol

The birth of AirBnb may be one of the modern world’s greatest gift to the wandering man. Not only does it offer comfortable temporary homes, these homes equip travelers with the experience of living like a local. These days, beautiful homes are being rented out via AirBnb across the globe. In the Philippines, a pretty house to stay in has become a factor when choosing where to take our explorer selves next.

Bohol is a top destination when it comes to pristine beaches, lush greenery and heritage sites. But with some of its alluring beach houses and ancestral homes now open to being rented, the province just became even more of an attraction. We did a virtual house-hopping on the AirBnB site to sift through the offerings, and came up with eight beautiful inns that will enhance your experience of Bohol. 

Bring the whole band; these entire homes are big enough for you and your amigas.


1. Casa Santa Barbara – Dauis, Bohol

An entire Spanish villa in the middle of the tropics—exclusive to you and your gang for the weekend? That’s luxury. A private beach you can call yours for a few days? That’s heaven. Six bedrooms, a great view of the ocean, and all kinds of tiles you can think of as your backdrop (clay on the roof, Vigan on the floor, and Machuca in select spots)? Take our money now. A cook and a maid are also available with a corresponding daily rate.

Price per night: P8,829 (inclusive of roundtrip airport/pier transfers)


2. Twin Villas – Dauis, Bohol


The villa’s white façade and a sky-blue pool facing the ocean add calmness to the already serene home. The house is complete with outdoor tables where you can set up a hearty lunch. There is a private library for your quiet time, and hammocks for your siesta. It can accommodate up to six people, and a continental breakfast is part of the package.

Price per night: P4,992 (with complimentary pick up and drop off from the port or airport)


3. Panglao Beach House – Panglao, Bohol

This beach house is on a 1000sqm property in Danao Beach, a famous diving site in Panglao. This spacious refuge is a mix of native and contemporary touches, and is surrounded with a well-kept garden. With its three huge bedrooms, the house can accommodate six guests. If you happen to be a group of 8 or more, the host recommends staying in their neighbor’s beach cottage that is also available thru AirBnb.

Price per night: P7,935


4. Casa Giuseppe – Panglao, Bohol

Casa Giuseppe’s take on modern living is infused with art and eccentric fixtures. This entire apartment is located directly above the Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast, known to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. But what this house really offers is the luxury of space: it’s big enough for you and your mom’s yoga mats (just in case she feels like squeezing in a session into her holiday). You can get lost in the bathroom.

Price per night: P6,989


5. Bohol Beach House, Villa Naatang – Jagna, Bohol

Located on the southern coast of Bohol, this beach house is sitting right in front of a non-touristy beach. It offers a lot of privacy but the location also allows you to take a peek at how the locals spend their day. It’s a modern-looking bahay kubo equipped with WiFi and a maid service (available upon request). Bean bags are placed around the area for you to slouch on while delighting in the cool breeze coming in from the balcony.

Price per night: P18,000 for the entire home, but rooms can be rented out individually.


6. Pure Shores Villa – Anda, Bohol

Perched on a cliff, this exclusive luxury 5-bedroom villa is exactly what your island dreams are made of. With an enormous infinity pool facing the ocean, a private restaurant that caters exclusively to villa guests, and massage service you can have on the open balcony, this place clearly aims to please. The villa managers are always on hand to make things happen for you, whether it’s a certain meal you like prepared just so, or a tour you want to avail of. The only thing you’ll probably be stressing about is which chair to lounge in next.

This private exclusive villa can also accommodate events like weddings and birthdays.

Price per night: P56,861


Steep? From the pictures alone, we’re guessing it’s worth it.