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Snorkeling, Kayaking, And Cliff Diving Spots To Check Out When In Siquijor

More than the tales of witches and potions, Siquijor is actually home to a lot of beaches and marine sanctuaries that offer different activities and amenities. This is why Marc Nelson and Maggie Wilson-Consunji took the opportunity to visit Siquijor for Metro Channel’s Beached, where they showed us around some of the must-visit places around the island.




Caticugan Marine Sanctuary

Looking for a good venue to snorkel and appreciate the marine wildlife, Marc and Maggie headed to Caticugan Marine Sanctuary, where the waters are shallow and clear, and loads of vibrant corals and fish are already teeming just a few meters from the shore.


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Since 2003, the sanctuary has already been managed by the local association, which has been trying to protect the healthy marine wildlife under its waters. Tourists may rent out snorkeling and kayak gear.



Here's a tip when visiting Caticugan Marine Sanctuary to snorkel: opt to use a kayak to get to deeper waters instead of walking and stepping on corals.




Salagdoong Beach

Located at Brgy. Olang, Maria, Salagdoong Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Siquijor, a favored destination for both locals and tourists alike. There is a resort and a number of restaurants that line the beach, making it convenient for travelers.


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But more than the amenities and its crystal blue waters, the highlight of any trip to Salagdoong Beach is the cliff dive. Two concrete platforms were created for those who want to try the thrilling jump—one at 20 feet and another at 35 feet. While Maggie shied away from the challenge, Marc was more than glad to try the jump.




Monkey beach

Monkey Beach, or more popularly known as the Kagusuan Beach, is a well-hidden secret in Siquijor—but one that is totally worth visiting.

The white sand beach is a short trek from the city proper, and Maggie and Marc had to go through a grove of trees and a rocky trail to get to the beach. But once you’re there, you'll find that it is perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and enjoying some quiet time. The beach is almost deserted and is not populated with locals and tourists unlike other beaches.




Apart from the beautiful sand and the pristine waters, one of the features of Kagusuan Beach are the rock formations dotting the shore and the waters.

The waves of Kagusuan Beach, however, can be quite rough, depending on the season. So Maggie and Marc settled for some frolicking along the shore.


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