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It's Time To Revisit Tagaytay's Most Romantic Places

Despite the Taal Volcano eruption, Tagaytay is still teeming with spots perfect for lovers—and this weekend is the perfect time to go back!

The disastrous eruption of the Taal Volcano last January caused nearby destination Tagaytay City to be an almost impenetrable location due to health hazards. The tremendous amount of ashfall made it unsafe for tourists to enter this haven, and many of our favorite places had to temporarily shut down their operations. The thriving city was in a (literally!) gray area—for a while.

Weeks following the disaster, both locals and businesses have started getting back on their feet. Tagaytay City is slowly regaining its splendor, and with Valentine’s Day celebrations in full swing, this romantic getaway has opened its doors for lovers looking for a place to celebrate the day of hearts. Good news, as the most romantic spots in the famed highlands can be booked for everyone’s special day. Ready to drive south and spend a meaningful night with your loved one? Here are the must-visit spots for lovers that will amp up the romance come the weekend of February 14th!

Antonio’s Restaurant

This dining spot has become equivalent to the ultimate Tagaytay fine dining experience, and has stood witness to several romantic dates not just on Valentine’s Day, but the whole year round. With the cool weather embracing guests paired with a classy and cozy ambiance inside the restaurant, it’s easy to set the mood for people in love. The exquisite, five-star food is the cherry on top—capped off with a nice glass of red wine for a night to remember.

Nurture Wellness Village

Show your love for your special someone with a relaxing and rejuvenating stay at Nurture Wellness Village. Indulge in a full pampering session with your loved one—from a massage to a body scrub and a facial—using soothing aromatherapy oils and Filipino massage techniques. If you can stay longer, try their Holistic Healing or Total Detox packages which includes special wellness treatments and activities for specific needs.

Sonya’s Garden

Toast to another Valentine’s Day surrounded by flora, as you finish your special garden-to-table course meals and munch on edible flowers, too! Better than a traditional bouquet, if you ask us (though giving/receiving flowers adds a lovely flair to the occasion, too). The rustic setup features three romantic dining areas—The Conservatory, Morning Glory, and Sunflower. 

But did you know that Sonya's Garden is also a bed and breakfast? Its 22 cottages are reminiscent of a traditional Filipino home, complete with delicately embroidered bed covers and capiz windows. It's a serene and tranquil environment, perfect for "the art of doing nothing."  Sonya herself conducts Art of Doing Nothing activities and lessons, such as yoga classes, basic gardening, compost making, and meditation.

The Purple Owl

What makes The Purple Owl so special is you have the upperhand on your date. This events place and dining spot in one lets you DIY your date, with different themes and packages the couple can choose from. The charming, eclectic location lets you experience an intimate night—just make sure to book the place at least two days in advance. And yes, you may still have time right for this weekend. 

Escala Tagaytay

Their famous infinity pool with the view of the Taal Volcano has captured the hearts of patrons who instantly fell in love with this hotel. Book an overnight stay and enjoy a peaceful night swimming under the stars, sharing a meal in Filipino restaurant, and just cozy up in your bed with the view of the magnificent Taal caldera.

Narra Hill Tagaytay

This bed & breakfast will tuck you in lush greenery—making it a relaxing and romantic retreat at the same time. The breathtaking scenery sets the right mood for an intimate getaway. They can only accommodate a few people at a time, so you and your partner are assured of a truly private escapade. Previous visitors also rave about their delish food offerings, so take it from them and have your special dinner right in your room. That’s how a perfect table for two set up should look like!

Balay Dako

Sure, Balay Dako is always busy—patrons of the well-loved Filipino dining place can’t seem to get enough of their dishes that it’s packed all the time! But then, it’s the secret why this spot is so popular, even for people going on dates. Nothing beats the flavors of their dishes—and if you’re a couple who loves to eat, a trip to Balay Dako is never a bad idea. Not to mention, the to-die-for view is still astounding. Don’t forget to have some piaya for a sweet ending to a romantic meal.

Bag of Beans

Take the celebration on a different route and opt for a quiet brunch in an al fresco setting. Bag of Beans, known for their comfort food offerings, remains to be a go-to cafe that never fails to charm its visitors. The soothing ambiance, delicious pancakes, and warm beverages make up for a cozy morning or afternoon spent with your partner. If you’re a breakfast person, you know that this place is the right place to be in.