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“The Crawl” Embraces French Cuisine, Culture With American Express

Experience France to the fullest and beyond the Eiffel Tower with gustatory delights and more.

There is an exceptional amount of things to appreciate in France: the art, the architecture, fashion, the romantic scenery, champagne and wine, and most notably— the French cuisine.

See France and enjoy its many pleasures with Metro Channel’s “The Crawl” featuring sommelier Jhonel Faelnar as co-host of the show who will satisfy his curiosity on the best eats and experiences in the country. 

The Crawl: France takes one on a journey of incredible French culinary and gastronomic finds from fromage to coffee, chocolates to champagne, escargot to a surprising Asian-French fusion and more.

Bon Appetit indeed!

Jhonel lends his expertise as an advanced sommelier in the famed wine country. Being a wine expert, Jhonel will take us through France’s fascinating, interesting, and amazing wine-and-dine scene.

The Crawl: France readily explored the many facets of French delights including a trip to a specialty coffee and chocolate factory. It’s getting your caffeine and sugar fix on a whole sophisticated level. After all, it’s located in France.

The ultimate French food crawl went on as the hosts visited a variety of well-established restaurants offering delectable dishes and savored the exquisite goodness of traditional French cuisine, and even the Asian-French crossover one. Interestingly, one of the restaurant owners featured are French-Filipina sisters Tatiana and Katia Levha of Le Servan.

On the quest for new experiences, Jhonel also braved and tried Cervelle de Vau or calves’ brains which he has surprisingly enjoyed. 

“When you travel, it goes without saying that you have to be adventurous with food,” Jhonel said, adding that he loved the Cervelle de Vau.

The Crawl France culinary adventure also reached the French countryside to enjoy champagne at well, where else but Champagne. As they say, “It’s not champagne if it’s not from Champagne.” Specificities of soil and weather makes the taste of champagne unique and special that can only be found in the Champagne region.

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