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The Ultimate Guide For Romantic Getaways For Every Kind Of Couple

Every love story is different. 

The first hello, the first conversations, the first embrace, and the first kiss gradually give way to a never-ending list of experiences and memories unique to every couple, all of which reach a peak on Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year that's fast approaching. While every day should feel like you've been struck with Cupid's bow when you're with your one and only, it surely won't hurt to plan something a little more special on this day of hearts —  like an out of town holiday with all your favorite things to do as a couple, and that you'll both cherish until you're old and gray, and still very much in love. 

For every kind of love story and every kind of couple, here are our top picks for the most
romantic Valentine's Day destinations. 


For the couple who enjoys quiet time together on the beach: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Caribbean



These island destinations in the Caribbean are some of the region's more tranquil destinations. While the Caribbean is known to be lively and full of night life, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is particularly laid back and gives you and your sweetheart tons of time to simply enjoy being around each other while soaking in some Vitamin D on a powdery white shore. It has the Caribbean's treasures of sun, sand, and sea, sans hundreds of other tourists or families traveling with their rambunctious kids; this beach feels like its all yours. Saint Vincent
and the Grenadines is perfect if what you two are into is pure relaxation and having time that's all yours to spend, however way you wish. The best part? This is a Visa-free destination for Filipinos.  


For the couple that needs to get their culture fix: Istanbul, Turkey



Just like Mandy Moore in A Walk To Remember who fulfilled her wish of being in two places at once, a visit to Istanbul will make you feel like you're doing the same because of this city's beautiful coupling of eastern and western influences. Every corner is chock-full of rich cultural heritage, essentially turning this magnificent city into a living museum. From the hotel you stay in, food you sample, architectural marvels you'll see, and people you observe as you walk the city streets, there will be a lesson to learn. Without a doubt, Istanbul is a dream
destination for couples who enjoy learning together and make it a cute habit to share random pieces of trivia with each other. But this time, rather than trying to one up each other with the most interesting fun fact of the day, you'll be on even ground with the memories you'll make together, hand in hand. 

For the couple that likes an outdoor adventure: Cape Town, South Africa



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This exotic destination that sits at the South Western tip of South Africa combines the best of both worlds when it comes to an outdoor holiday: Cape Town is home to some of Africa's most beautiful beaches and mountains, and provides some of the continent's most scenic routes during drives to surrounding wildlife reserves and safari routes. You'll pretty much feel like you're Simba and Nala (or Mufasa and Sarabi) when you're getting up close and personal with wild animals, learning about Africa's environmental conservation efforts, and watching an African sunset in all its explosive oranges and reds from your safari lodge's outdoor patio. It's definitely going to be an active holiday that requires lots of walking, hydrating, and sunscreen application, so for couples that enjoy being up and about rather than lounging indoors in leisure, this one's for you. 

For the couple who feels their best when surrounded by old world charm: Vienna, Austria



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The hills have been alive with the sound of music for quite some time, and now your hearts are ablaze with the warm glow of uncondonitional love. This Austrian capital known for its imperial architecture, beautifully designed city squares, wine taverns, the Salzburg Bridge filled with lovers' locks, and preserved cultural heritage boasts of old world charm that's remained unchanged throughout the seasons over the centuries. Couples that revel in being surrounded by history — and writing their own story together — are sure to enjoy a relaxed Austrian holiday where a simple stroll on the street or a quick break at a corner cafe is enough to keep the fire burning for months to come. A bonus to keep in mind is that the city will most likely still be clad in snow during a trip in February. What's more awesome than spending a snowy holiday abroad in one of the Europe's most charming cities? Not a lot. 

For the couple that bonds over delicious food: Saigon, Vietnam



Ho Chi Minh, a.k.a. Saigon, has increasingly grown in popularity thanks to the discovery of its plethora of delicious food. Think of every menu category from starters to dessert and Saigon is sure to have a signature dish to present to you. The same goes for food of varying price ranges; mind-blowing street food is aplenty for the adventurous palate, but this city is also ready to roll out its list of five-star dining destinations for the more discerning. Taken as a whole, experiencing authentic Vietnamese cuisine will truly be an experience to remember as it tells the story of a nation through its flavors: French colonial influences have remained in many of their dishes, but have been re-interpreted with a Southeast Asian kick. Yum! For the couple whose stomachs are as deep as their love for each other, Saigon is a must-visit this Valentine's Day. 


For the couple that's most in love in a cosmopolitan setting: Buenos Aires, Argentina



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Steaks, tango, and passion! This cosmopolitan South American destination is big, bold, and colorful, and will sweep you off your feet with the amount of fun things you and your better half can do. It's loved by locals and travelers alike because of its characteristic way of infusing culture and the modernity of city living; the comforts and convenience of modern urban living make exploring this city a pleasure, while Argentenian culture shines brightly through its many museums, restaurants, sports destinations, cafes and swanky clubs, outdoor markets and bazaars, and even squares dedicated just for dancing. The beauty in of this Argentenian capital is that you can choose to spend your time indoors and outdoors and still get your fill of the city — it's flexible and beautiful in many ways, just like your relationship. 

For the couple who are self-proclaimed homebodies: The Yukon, Canada 



Canada is more than just nice folks and maple syrup; it's one of the world's most environmentally healthy places and life here, for the most part, is laid back and rarely rushed. Canadians believe in enjoying life as it comes, savoring every moment and trying not to rush things, when they can help it. Wouldn't you want that for your relationship? Specifically, a trip to Canada's Yukon will lead you to your choice of romantic mountanside lodging that's built for people whose ideal holidays are staycations. The smell of real pine will surround you as you bask in the warmth of your crackling fireplace, and a snowy landscape entices you to snuggle up with each other all day (and night) long. Many of the Yukon's resorts and cabins are equipped with outdoor jacuzzis, barbecue pits, and bonfire areas, making those the only reasons for you to want to step outdoors, except for one other, major thing: the Yukon is one of the handful of places in the world where you can catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing northern lights. 


For the couple who believes that there's no place like home: Siargao, Philippines



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You can't go wrong when you spend Valentine's Day at home. Friends and family are close by, the familiarity is comforting, and your love for your country is comparable to that you have for each other. Specifically, the teardrop-shape island of Siargao is where you have to go if a romantic getaway in your own country is what you're looking for. It's been getting a lot of positive attention from travelers from all over because of its pristine beaches, ease in which to get around, affordable fees for activities and lodging, signature Philippine hospitality, and above all, the breathtaking views that the island is most proud of.