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This Quiet Cove Is Baler At Its Most Idyllic

There’s a place hidden in the hills just East of Baler. Sheer cliffs and winding roads plunge down into seas of crystal blue, and sea grasses lap against rocky shores and white sand beaches. The place is called Dicasalarin Cove, and it is as idyllic as Baler gets.


Dicasalarin Cove is hidden away in the hills to the East of Baler


It’s fairly easy to get to Dicasalarin. Dedicated tour services stationed in Barangay Sabang regularly ferry tourists to and from the site. The road there is winding, cutting through jagged hills and temperate forests that hug the Pacific Ocean. The cove itself is private property, with an entrance fee of 150 pesos payable at an outpost up in the hills. It is at this outpost where you catch your first glimpse of the cove.



It’s difficult to describe Dicasalarin in words. The cove is bordered on all sides with sudden peaks. A rocky outcrop juts out into the mouth of the cove and a massive lighthouse, esoteric in design, looms high above the surrounding waterscape. Look inland and you’ll see a small river running past what looks almost like a plantation—a private home, unfortunately, so tourists looking to spend the night will be out of luck.

You’re going to want to bring a blanket if you decide to make the five-minute drive down the cliff side and into Dicasalarin. The sand here is pure powder, a shade of yellowish-white that looks almost entirely untouched. Set your blanket down here and soak in the sun’s rays, or find a wooden bench under the cool shade of beachside trees. Whatever you decide to do, though, do not swim in the water – Dicasalarin is known both for its beauty and for currents that could easily pull you out to sea. Signs all around the shore will remind you of this fact.


The lighthouse at Dicasalarin stands tall above the surrounding seascape


The lazier tourist will find comfort lounging about on the shore. Those looking for adventure, however, will want to make the walk up to the lighthouse. It’s a thirty minute walk across sand so fine you might just sink into it as well as a short climb up a hillside, but the view at the top of Sabang Bay and the surrounding Pacific is worth the effort.

There isn’t a lot to do in Dicasalarin Cove. Most of the site is private property and there isn’t so much as a homestay there, let alone any form of formal accommodation. Pack a sarong, your shades and a swimsuit, though – and maybe a volleyball, if you want to have a little bit of fun - because you’re going to want to make the most of the summer sun in this silent seascape away from the busy city.


Soak up the sun and play some volleyball on the sandy shore of Dicasalarin Cove


Photographs by Alo Lantin