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Here’s How You Can Watch The Aurora Borealis In All Its Glory Amid COVID-19

Traveling to has been put on hold right now, but this virtual trip would still leave you in awe with its spectacular celestial display

It’s no wonder why the Northern Lights is on every person’s travel bucket list. Its play of colors makes for a backdrop so picturesque that it could easily take your breath away.

According to Churchill Northern Studies Centre, there are three essential factors that complete the Northern Lights: A clear night that depends on weather conditions, gases in the atmosphere that shift its colors, and solar wind with particles that come together to convert energy into light.

The activity only comes into being through magnetic fields close to the poles, taking place in high latitudes. “Most people are familiar with magnetic north—the strong force that pulls your compass needle but some people don’t realize that there is also a magnetic field around the south pole,” the field station explains. “The solar wind particles needed for an Aurora event are pulled into the earth’s atmosphere by these magnetic fields.”

Did your plan on seeing it this year get cancelled due to the travel ban amid COVID-19? Well, you can still bask in its beauty online, where you can watch it from the comfort of your own home. With the camera situated in Churchill, Manitoba, one of the best spots on Earth to watch it, you can appreciate the Aurora Borealis in all its glory from the aurora oval in the northern hemisphere. “With auroral activity occurring on over 300 nights a year, Churchill offers unique access to this mysterious and compelling phenomena,” it says on the same website.

The travel ban may not be lifted any time soon, so a journey to Manitoba may not be possible at the moment, but you can still witness this natural wonder by logging into   to leave you in awe with its spectacular celestial display. The live footage sets the tone quite perfectly, so much so you would hear the cold wind whistling through the area as you witness the stars shine brightly.

Check out the real-time shot by top live nature cam network EXPLORE here:

Lead photo by Stein Egil Liland from Pexels.