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Where Are The Most Romantic Places In The World?

If you’re ready to romance the heck out of next week, why not start with the top 5 most romantic places in the world? Sure, anywhere with your partner is the most romantic place. But if you’d like to up the romance levels, here are where you should be heading to for the most romantic day of the year.


Monaghan, Ireland

Feel the old world charm and get whisked back to the old Scottish times in County Monaghan, Ireland. A perfect destination for your artist lover, Monaghan has produced several prodigies such as artist George Collie and writer Sir Shane Leslie.

Monaghan is home to architecture dating back to the Georgian and Victorian periods, perfect for that royalty vibe. Treat your loved one to a full-on royalty experience by visiting the breathtaking Castle Leslie Estate, a Scottish Baronial-style castle that offers luxurious accommodation, fine dining, spa, horse trails, and a view of the majestic lakes.



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Kauai, Hawaii

If you and your loved one are fans of all things nature, soak in the breathtaking beauty of Kauai, Hawaii’s fourth largest island and is referred to by many as the “Garden Island.” Bask in the glow of the centuries-old tropical forests, emerald valleys, sparkling waterfalls, and gushing rivers—nature’s beauty at its finest.

Some spots in Kauai are only accessible by sea or air making your trip a private and special affair that you and your loved one will surely never forget.



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Saint Lucia

Explore the waters, scale the mountains, and rest in luxurious resorts—these are the perfect ingredients to a perfect Valentine’s Day escapade. Home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, luxury resorts, and fishing villages, this small island country in the eastern Caribbean will not tire you of its scenic views and romantic spots.

And did we forget to say it’s a heaven for chocolate lovers, too? No other day in the calendar is more chocolate-binge-worthy than Valentine’s Day so grab that opportunity!







Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you love dancing and festivities in beautifully lit streets, then Rio de Janeiro must be your next trip. With view of breathtaking vistas and lush mountains framing the lively and exotic night life and laid-back beaches, the city is every party-lover’s dream vacation come true.

When in Rio, get on top of the Bondinho and ride a cable car for a romantic view of the city.



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Paris, France

Of course, nothing gets more romantic than the City of Love, Paris. Paris has been the go-to place of many travelers and lovers, famous for its scenic views, romantic cruises, and the iconic love locks at the Pont des Arts. Although the love locks at the Paris bridge are now being taken down—the weight of the padlocks have been causing the bridge to overload—it remains one of the most popular destinations in the city with the call to action “Love without Locks: Our bridges can no longer withstand your gestures of love. Set them free by declaring your love with #lovewithoutlocks.”

Also, take the opportunity to get that cinematic Valentine’s Day kiss with the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.]



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