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Where To Go And What To Do In Hong Kong After Christmas

Cost, location, and tourist activities considered, Hong Kong is one of the most visited places by Filipinos, both those working on a budget and those on a spending spree. Because of this, Hong Kong is a great travel destination any day, any month.

But apart from Hong Kong’s year-round charm are the seasonal events and activities that tourists can only take advantage of during this time of the year. So for those with cash to spend and vacation time left to burn, here are some of the best things to catch in Hong Kong after Christmas.


Hong Kong WinterFest


From December 1, 2017 to January 1, 2018, Hong Kong is hosting these two multimedia shows: A Symphony of Lights and the Hong Kong Pulse Light Show. Revel in the remaining festivities right at the heart of the city in Statue Square under the 18-metre-tall Christmas tree—a feast for the eyes and great for photographed memories! And guess what—the spectacular 3D audiovisual light shows are free of charge!


Hong Kong Food Festival


Until December 28, the biggest culinary event in the region will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. For a ticket price of $20, the food expo will let you try delicacies and favorites from all over the world—from Japan, Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more! Of course, there are so many Chinese treats to be enjoyed as well. It’s basically a one-stop global cuisine tour!


The Great European Carnival

This annual carnival event is one of the most popular seasonal activities in Hong Kong, which features a variety of amusement and thrill rides, popular skill game booths like Can Smash and Hook a Duck, and an exciting circus show featuring heart-pounding acts like high-wire crossing and motorcycle tricks by international performers. The Great European Carnival is running in Central from December 21 to February 25, open every day except January 12.


Walking and Ferry Tours


Tours are available all year long in Hong Kong but going on these scenic tours during the winter and holiday season could be one of the most visually pleasing. Century Holiday Hong Kong offers a great afternoon to evening cruise tour that will let you witness the beautiful sunset and the breathtaking Hong Kong skyline at night aboard the Star Ferry. Private and group tours are also available to experience Hong Kong's horse racing culture, the scenic Lantau Island, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ruins of St. Paul's.




Hong Kong is known for its discounted prices and bargains of boutique and designer brands. For upmarket shopping, the IFC Mall, Landmark Mall, and the interlinked shopping centers of Prince's Building, Alexandra House, and Charter House offer some of the best deals all year long. But prices drop even more so in late December, especially during the run up to the Chinese New Year in January to February. A shopaholic’s paradise, indeed!